Mabl CLI v1 Now Generally Available

Quickly execute tests from the command lineQuickly execute tests from the command line

Quickly execute tests from the command line

The mabl CLI has reached general availability with its v1.0.6 release. One year ago we shipped the mabl CLI. Nearly one hundred releases, and countless new features later, we're proud to announce the GA release.

The biggest addition is the mabl tests run command which uses headless Chrome to quickly execute tests locally, allowing you to iterate on test creation even faster than before. Learn more about headless testing here.

You can also run mabl tests headlessly in your CI/CD pipelines to add quality gates to your release pipeline. Request early access to get started.

Installing and Upgrading

To install or upgrade to this release, simply run npm i -g @mablhq/mabl-cli from the command line.

Upgrade and Deprecation Notes

  • mabl tests run-alpha has been promoted to mabl tests run, so please migrate to run
  • If you need the pre v1 run functionality, it can be found under mabl tests run-legacy
  • mabl tests run-alpha and mabl tests run-legacy are now deprecated and will be removed in the future