Managing API Keys

Mabl API keys enable programmatic access to the information in your mabl workspace. You can create, pause/unpause, and delete API keys. Visit the Settings > API page to manage your API keys. Note that API key access and usage is limited exclusively to workspace owners.

API key types

Different API keys are permissioned for different use cases. Keys only have the read/write permissions necessary for a specific use case.

Available key types are:

Read on below to learn how to create these respective key types.


Deprecated Integration Key Type

The legacy Integration key type is deprecated. Existing keys will continue to function, but new keys of this type cannot be created by users.

Creating API keys

Create API Keys from the Settings > API page. Click the Create API Key button to make a new key. If you do not see this button, ask a workspace owner to create the key.


API key permissions

Only a workspace Owner level user can create or view API keys, this includes using them in deployments.

For example, if you had a curl script for starting mabl tests using the Deployment Events API, use a Deployment Trigger API Key (pictured below) that will have the permissions to start and monitor deployments.


Create new keys from the Create API Key button

After creating the key, click the copy or eye buttons to respectively copy or view this API key.


Copy or view a key once using these buttons

Pausing and rotating API keys

Security conscious users may want to remove an API key, but are unsure if it's in use. You can toggle the respective key's On / Off to Off button to instantly block any API access using that key. Toggling back to On will instantly reenable API access for the key.

You can toggle of an API key and ensure no problems are encountered when removing or rotating API keys. If no problems are detected after pausing a key, you can remove it by clicking on the Delete button (more on that in the next section).

When rotating an API key (e.g. for your Jenkins mabl plugin)

  1. Create a second key of the same type
  2. Update the consuming integration with the new key value
  3. Pause the existing key in use by the respective integration
  4. After confirming expected system operation, delete the old (paused) key.

Pause and unpause API access for a respective key with this button

Removing API keys


Deleted API key cannot be recovered

Take care to ensure an API key is no longer in use before deleting the key. Once deleted, an API key cannot be restored, meaning any impacted scripts/services will be unable to access mabl.

To remove an API key, use the DELETE button. This will permanently remove the API key. If any clients are using this key, they will no longer be able to access mabl services. Please be sure no further access is required for a key before deleting it. If you are unsure, pause the key instead (see prior section).


Use the Delete button to permanently remove an API key.