March 2023 Release Notes

New | Enhancements | Bug fixes


Early access for the Unified Runner for Safari (WebKit)

Run your tests on Safari (WebKit) and enjoy the benefits of the Unified Runner, including faster execution time, intelligent wait, accessibility checks, shadow DOM support!

Learn more about this early access program and how to try it out here.

DataTable API

Manage your mabl DataTables programmatically with the new DataTable API endpoints. The DataTable API includes endpoints for managing DataTables, updating variables and scenarios, and more. Learn more.

DataTable CLI commands

The mabl CLI now includes commands for to create, describe, export, list, and update DataTables. Use these commands to make bulk updates and manage DataTables without having to open the DataTables page in the app. Learn more.

Export mabl tests to Playwright

Use the mabl CLI to export your browser tests in Playwright format (TypeScript). Learn more.


New option for soft assertions

With the "fail at end of test" option, you can assert on non-functional aspects of your application without stopping the test from executing. Learn more.

Visual change detection for Microsoft Edge

You can now enable visual change learning and create dynamic visual change detection for browser tests that run on Chrome and Microsoft Edge. Learn more.

Bug fixes


  • Fixed a bug that prevented users from deleting flows from their workspace.
  • Resolved an issue that prevented users from connecting to mabl if their desktop proxy settings included an "@" character in the password.
  • Fixed a regression that prevented users from uploading a CSV file as a DataTable.
  • Fixed an issue where test runs would display a "Starting" status for a long time and not update to "Running."
  • Resolved an issue where creating a virtual tab would cause unnecessary loading on the Plan Details page.

Mabl Trainer

  • Resolved an issue that caused the mabl Trainer to always use the default data-driven variable values associated with the test or flow.
  • Fixed an issue where the mabl Trainer did not use proxy settings configured for the Desktop App.
  • Fixed an issue that caused custom find file upload steps to be converted into natively recorded file upload steps on edit.
  • Fixed a bug which prevented the mabl mailbox from opening emails with quotation marks and other special characters in the subject or the sender email address.
  • Fixed a bug in which file upload steps in the mabl Trainer would intermittently fail to properly save the file because of a timing issue.
  • Fix an issue that would cause an "Edit test error" message when attempting to edit a test.
  • Fixed an issue where the mabl Trainer would display an incorrect value in the "Text to enter" field when editing a Custom Find step that used a variable value as text input.
  • Fixed an issue in the mabl Trainer that prevented the up and down arrow keys from moving the text cursor when renaming a step.

Test execution

  • Fixed an issue in which ad hoc tests run with DataTable scenarios disabled would use the first scenario of the associated DataTable instead of the default data-driven variables.
  • Resolved a rare bug that would cause scheduled tests to get stuck in a scheduled or starting state.
  • Resolved an issue where cloud runs in mobile emulation lacked the word "mabl" in the user agent header.
  • Resolved an issue where mabl credentials and the test run ID were not properly set in Unified test runs.

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