July 2022 Release Notes

New features

Collaborating and resolving conflicts in branched tests

At mabl, we are firm believers in the idea that testing is a team sport, and last month we added two new features to make it easier for your team to work in parallel: conflict resolution and test review for branched versions of tests and flows.

  • Conflict resolution: If a test or flow in the Branch Details page shows a red :exclamation: icon, you can click on that icon to open the conflict resolution view and drag-and-drop steps until you've created a version that you're happy with. That way, you can save a new version of the test or flow to the branch before merging into the main branch! Learn more.
  • Test review: When you compare a branched version to the main version of a test or flow, you now have the ability to add comments, making it easier for teams to work collaboratively within mabl instead of relying on outside tooling. Learn more.

These additions give tighter control over what gets added to the main version of the code and help teams achieve a higher quality of work! :raised-hands:

Mabl in Japanese

In an effort to better support our Japanese-speaking user-base, we've added the option to set the default language in the mabl Desktop App to Japanese! Japanese-language support is currently available as an early access program and includes localization for core parts of the mabl Desktop App, such as navigation menus and the mabl Trainer window. We are continuing to work on translations for other parts of the app. If you'd like to learn more about this program (in Japanese), check out the changelog.


Shadow DOM support

Shadow DOMs have become increasingly popular as a way to embed custom web components in an application, but they are inaccessible by traditional testing tools. To address this challenge and help teams increase their coverage, we've implemented support for testing against elements in shadow DOM trees that allows you to enjoy the same low-code testing experience!
Our shadow DOM support provides visual cues when creating tests that interact with elements in a shadow DOM, employs additional find strategies, and provides guidance to help your team build tests that are more reliable. Learn more.


Mabl Labs

The new mabl Labs page makes it easier than ever to try out new features in mabl before they're generally available. Features listed on this page have a toggle so that users can opt into our current early access programs and provide feedback on specific features on the mabl Product Portal. The feedback you provide helps ensure that we develop the best possible product! Learn more.

Early access for Microsoft Edge

To help teams meet their evolving needs for cross-browser validation, we've added Edge to our list of supported browsers for cloud runs! All tests that execute on Microsoft Edge use the Unified runner, mabl's latest execution engine, which comes with enhanced functionality. Support for Edge is available through an early access program; if you're interested in enabling Edge in your workspace, check out the changelog for more details!


Additional static IP addresses


Infrastructure update: Action required

We've added additional static IP addresses for cloud test traffic. If you use static IP addresses in your firewall, you must add the new IP block to your firewall rules before October 3, 2022; otherwise, mabl test traffic will not be able to reach your applications under test. Learn more.

Expanded Static IP Support

As a result of the IP infrastructure update, the following features now support use of static IP addresses:

Copying desktop app URLs

In the desktop app, you now have the option to Copy URL for app so that you can share a link that navigates directly to that specific page in the desktop app. Learn more.

More information in Slack/Teams messages

Failed plan notifications for Slack and Teams now include details on the last person to update a failing test and when they updated it. This information can help teams quickly figure out who can help troubleshoot a failure. Learn more.

Easily see what triggered a test run

The Test Details view for cloud runs now includes information on who/what triggered a run and when. Learn more.

Edit flow data-driven variables outside the mabl Trainer

Flow data-driven variables can now be edited directly from the Flow Details page. Learn more.

Bug Fixes

  • The proxy library for the mabl CLI would verify SSL certificates even if SSL verification was set to disabled. To address this issue, we added a new proxy implementation that can be set using the http.proxyType config flag. Learn more.
  • Fixed an issue where the virtual tab button on the Test Results page was not opening the expected virtual tab.
  • For plans that were configured to run on mobile devices, the following methods for running tests would trigger desktop runs:
    (1) clicking on the play button next to individual tests on the Plan Details page
    (2) clicking on the dropdown next to "Run plan" and triggering a run with a different URL.
    This issue was fixed so that any test runs triggered from the Plan Details page respect the device settings that are configured for the plan.
  • Fixed a regression that prevented local runs from instantiating when started from the mabl CLI.
  • Ensured that the API test editor was able to validate falsey values.
  • Resolved an issue which caused tests to fail on the Legacy runner during select steps due to the mabl Trainer recording an invalid value for the select action type.
  • Fixed a bug that caused performance issues on the Branch Details page if a workspace had more than 50 branches.
  • Resolved an issue where recording assertions and wait until steps interacted with event listeners that were attached to the page window and caused the mabl Trainer to target the wrong element.
  • Fixed an issue in which the auto-login flow would click on the incorrect button to log into an application during Unified runs.
  • A few keen customers caught some issues with the mabl UI in the past month. Thank you for keeping an eye out for us!
    • Styling for disabled options was extremely faint. We bumped up the contrast so they don't look invisible.
    • The Plans page and Edit Plan page were displaying the <strong> tag. The word "plan" now appears in bold, as expected.
    • The word "stage" appeared twice on the Edit Plan page.

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