August 2023 Release Notes

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Permanent email addresses

With our new permanent email addresses, you can test even more user journeys, including verifying scheduled emails, testing password recovery, and testing email communications sent over time. Functionality for permanent email addresses includes:

  • Viewing emails sent to a permanent email address inbox outside the mabl Trainer. Learn more.
  • The ability to specify a "received time" window for email steps in the Trainer up to 30 days ago. Learn more.
The Mailbox page

The Mailbox page

Check out the changelog to learn more about support for permanent email addresses.

Cloud credentials

If you need to use mabl credentials in an environment that accesses sensitive data, you can now save them as cloud credentials. With cloud credentials, passwords may be updated, but never retrieved. Learn more.


Early access for large file uploads

To better support file uploads in your end-to-end testing workflows, we've increased the file upload size limit from 15MB to 100MB! Currently in early access, support for large file uploads can be enabled on the mabl Labs page: Settings > Labs. Learn more.

Quick assertion shortcut

If you want to create an element assertion in the mabl Trainer with the default assertion values, you can hold the "shift" key and click on the element to skip the regular assertion configuration form. Learn more.

Improved search and navigation in the "Add Step" menu

The "Add Step" menu in the mabl Trainer now includes a search bar so you can quickly find the step you want to use. Use the "tab" key to navigate through search results and the "enter" or "space" key to select a step. Learn more.

Early access for automatic link tunnel cleanup

If your team manages multiple link agents, you can try automatic link tunnel cleanup to automatically remove non-active link tunnel names in the mabl app.

Currently available in early access, automatic link tunnel cleanup ensures that users in your workspace can only select active link agents at the environment level. Learn more.


Internet Explorer retirement

Internet explorer will be formally retired on October 2, 2023. Any plans that continue to use Internet Explorer after the retirement date will have the IE browser option removed and no tests will be executed on IE. Learn more.

Firefox Legacy retirement

Firefox Legacy will be formally retired on October 2, 2023. Prior to the retirement date, we encourage all existing customers to migrate any outstanding plans that run on Firefox Legacy to Firefox Unified. Learn more about how to migrate plans to the Unified Runner here.

Bug fixes


  • Ensured that the Usage dashboard for performance test showed correct numbers for VUH.
  • Fixed a presentation issue when switching workspaces.
  • Fixed an issue on the Plan Details page where the test type tooltip appeared behind test links in the stages section.
  • Fixed an issue where the plan report used the Edge Legacy icon for Edge test runs.

Mabl Trainer

  • Fixed an issue where creating a find element step with a right-click action would make that step not editable.
  • Fixed a bug where Unicode line and paragraph separators were not removed when saving a browser test.
  • Fixed an issue in which the assertion menu would show an invalid "equals" value for Attribute/property when a user changed the Assertion type from "is [not] present" to an assertion type that checks a value.

API test editor

  • Fixed an issue that prevented API tests from uploading files with custom extensions, displaying the error message "Files must have a valid extension."

Test execution

  • Fixed an bug that prevented HTTP headers from passing to the runner in cloud runs.
  • Fixed an issue where browser tests would get stuck on the "Visit app.url" step during cloud runs.

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