Multi-workspace billing and usage

By default, all mabl customers have access to a single workspace. However, certain tiers of Enterprise customers can purchase additional workspaces and allocate their monthly cloud test runs to those various workspaces across their organization, with a dashboard that displays test run usage across those workspaces.

This dashboard, which displays test run usage across an organization's workspaces, is accessible by users with elevated permissions and is not tied to any specific workspace. If you're a viewer, you can access this dashboard regardless of which workspace you are currently signed in to via the workspace dropdown in the top right of the mabl app.



Please note that this feature is read-only, meaning that you must contact your team's customer success manager (CSM) to add new viewers and alter workspace allocations.

Company dashboard

If your company has multiple, separately billed accounts, you can see the test run usage for each of those accounts in one dashboard. Clicking into any of these accounts will bring you to a more detailed view where you can view your individual workspaces and data such as your predicted runs for the month.


Usage across multiple billing accounts.

Account dashboard

If your company has only one bill, which most mabl customers currently have, or you've clicked into one of the accounts shown above you'll be taken to the account dashboard. This is where you, and any other viewers, can see the run usage for all the workspaces within the account.


Usage across multiple workspaces in a single billing account.

Workspace allowed runs

With the help of your mabl CSM, you can set allowed runs for your workspaces. These "allowments" will show up both in the company dashboard as well as the workspaces themselves.

Company usage viewers

Any user within your company can be added as a company usage viewer, regardless of their current role. This is an additional role a mabl user can have and does not replace the standard owner, editor, and viewer roles that exist at the workspace-level.

Usage viewers have one main privilege that separates them from regular mabl users and even workspace owners: read-only access to the company and account dashboards.

Additionally, usage viewers can see the overall usage data for workspaces they're not members of, so long as they're attached and billed to your company. We do recommend adding these individuals as users of the workspace that they're managing, but this is not a necessary step.


Adding company usage viewers

You must contact your mabl CSM to add new viewers to your company. No user will, by default, become a viewer.