Automatic GitHub Issue creation

Use the mabl GitHub app to integrate test run insights with your GitHub repositories to automatically create GitHub Issues for test plan failures, visual changes, and other mabl insights. The app is also necessary for mabl to communicate back-and-forth with GitHub.

If you want to take an action other than making a GitHub Issue for a mabl insight, see Generating Custom GitHub Events for more powerful integration options.

How to start creating GitHub issues automatically

  1. Follow the installation instructions in GitHub integration setup
  2. Configure your CI/CD workflow to trigger mabl tests (or do so manually via mabl CLI or Curl commands)

When a deployment occurs

Mabl detects all plan runs that are started as part of a deployment. These deployments are automatically traced back to the source repository via the git hash. In the event that a failure Insight occurs, such as when a previously passing plan starts to fail, it will be instantly filed as a GitHub Issue with the respective details.


A sample GitHub Issue created from a mabl insight.

Managing GitHub issue creation

See configuring the GitHub integration for full details on customizing this feature's behavior.