Copying tests between workspaces


Enterprise Subscription Required

Note that the workspace copy subcommand is only available to enterprise subscribers.

Multiple workspaces - available for purchase by enterprise customers - help you setup your mabl environment for independent teams within the organization. With the workspace copy command in the mabl CLI, you can copy existing tests from one workspace to another saving you time and effort.


Owner Privilege Required

The workspace copy command requires you to have the Owner workspace privilege in both the source and destination workspaces.

If you do not have them already, grab the workspace ID for your source and destination workspaces by running the following command:

mabl workspaces list

Then use the below command to copy all tests and related configuration objects from the source workspace to the destination workspace. The subcommand currently copies:

  • datatables
  • file uploads
  • flows
  • snippets
  • tests including labels on the tests
  • version history

Note that the copied configuration objects are added to the destination workspace. If a configuration object with the same name exists, a new copy will be made during the process.

mabl workspaces copy --from <source-w> --to <destination-w>

If you don't see the data immediately. Please refresh the page.



While version information for tests and flows is copied during the process, the version timestamp and the editor are not retained.

Copying plans, applications, environments, and credentials is currently not supported.