Copying tests between workspaces

Copying tests from one workspace to another in the mabl CLI

Multiple workspaces, which are available for purchase by enterprise customers, help set up your mabl environment for independent teams within the organization. With the mabl workspaces copy command, you can copy existing tests from one workspace to another, saving you time and effort.



  • The mabl workspaces copy command is only available to enterprise subscribers with multiple workspaces.
  • To run this command, you must have an owner role in both the source and destination workspace.

mabl workspaces copy

Run the mabl workspaces copy command to add a copy of the following components from a source workspace to a destination workspace:

  • Tests
  • Flows
  • Snippets
  • DataTables
  • File uploads
mabl workspaces copy --from <source-workspace-id> --to <destination-workspace-id>

To obtain workspace IDs for the source workspace and destination workspace, run the following command:

mabl workspaces list

If the destination workspace already contains components, such as tests or flows, with the same name, a new copy of that component is made during the process.

If you don't see the data immediately, please refresh the page.



  • Version information for tests and flows is not copied during the process.
  • Copying plans, applications, environments, and credentials is currently not supported.
  • The mabl workspaces copy command automatically transfers all tests, flows, snippets, DataTables and file uploads in a workspace. There is no ability to limit the migration to individual items, such as a specific test or set of tests.

If any of the previous limitations are important for your team, please let us know in the mabl Product Portal.