Workspace Support Access

The Support Access feature allows a workspace owner to enable or disable access to their workspace to mabl Support Team members. This is a useful feature when working with mabl Support to debug test run or configuration issues.

Enabling or disabling access

  1. Visit the Settings > Workspace page, and scroll to the Support Access section.
  2. Check the Enable Support Access checkbox to allow mabl Support Team members to enter your workspace for support and assistance purposes. Uncheck the Enable Support Access checkbox to remove access.

The date of last update and the name of user who updated Support Access is displayed below the checkbox.


Edit Support Access from the Settings > Workspace screen.


What level of permissions is granted through Support Access?

If Support Access is enabled in your workspace, mabl Support Team members will have the permissions of a workspace editor. Read more details about user types here .

How can I track the Support Access setting in my workspace?

If you navigate to Settings > Workspace, you can view the last user to edit the workspace's Support Access configuration, and the time the edit was made. You may also view changes to Support Access in the workspace activity feed.

If the mabl Support Team triggers cloud runs in my workspace, will it count against my quota?

No, any test runs triggered by the mabl Support Team for troubleshooting purposes do not count against your monthly quota of allotted tests.

How can I identify workspace activity from the mabl Support Team?

Actions taken by the mabl Support Team will appear as a <name> email addresses with a support badge next to the email address indicating that they are part of mabl Support.


A Plan Details page showing activity from the mabl Support Team

You can also review actions taken by Support Team members in your workspace's Activity feed. They will appear as email addresses ending in with a support badge next to them indicating that they are part of mabl Support.

While the Activity Feed is not an exhaustive list of all possible activities, more detailed audit logs are available upon request to mabl Support.

Migrating from legacy Support Access Solutions

Workspaces that utilized legacy support access solutions at the editor or owner level have been automatically migrated to the new Support Access solution. You will see an enabled Support Access toggle, set by the [email protected] user.