Types of users

User roles and permissions in mabl workspaces

This guide describes the three types of users in a mabl workspace: editor, viewer, or owner.


Choosing a role for a new user


An editor can make changes as they see fit to the contents of your workspace. If you're inviting your team members to a workspace, this role is ideal for users that plan to create and run tests in the workspace.


Workspace support access

When workspace support access is enabled in your workspace, the mabl Support Team has the same privileges as an editor.


A viewer can see the contents of your workspace and trigger local runs. Viewers cannot add, delete, or modify tests or trigger cloud runs.


Owners have full control over the contents and members of a workspace, including adding members and changing their permissions.


Owner of a workspace

If you create a workspace, you become the owner of that workspace by default.

Specific permissions by role

The following tables list the specific permissions for each type of user in a mabl workspace.


Create and edit testsYesYesNo
Run tests locallyYesYesYes
Run tests in the cloudYesYesNo
Stop test runs in the cloudYesYesNo


Create credentialsYesYesNo
View credentialsYesNoNo
Copy credentialsYesYesNo
Edit credentialsYesYesNo
Delete credentialsYesYesNo

Create API keysYesNoNo
View API keysYesNoNo
Copy API keysYesNoNo
Edit API keysYesNoNo
Delete API keysYesNoNo

Add commentsYesYesNo
View commentsYesYesYes
Resolve commentsYesYesNo
Unresolve commentsYesYesNo


Only owners can manage workspace settings. Workspace settings include the following: