Mabl Labs

On the mabl Labs page, you can opt into and give feedback on current early access programs for features and capabilities before they become generally available.

Enabling new features

To get started, navigate to Settings > Labs. Features on the Labs page include a description of the feature, a toggle to enable it, and a "Share your feedback" link.


The mabl Labs page

When you enable an early access feature, it is available for all users on the workspace. Features on the Labs page can only be enabled by users with an owner role. While editors and viewers cannot enable or disable features, they can (and are encouraged to) provide feedback by clicking on the "Share your feedback" link.

If no current early access features are available, you can click on the "Provide feedback" link to explore ideas under consideration in the mabl Product Portal.

Submitting feedback

Once you've tried out an early access feature and have some thoughts, you can come back to the Labs page to give feedback. Clicking on the "Share your feedback" link will take you to the mabl Product Portal. For more information on how to submit feedback on the Product Portal, check out the guide.


The mabl Product Portal


Why is mabl doing this?

The Labs page helps us get features in front of you faster, and the feedback that you provide ensures that we deliver the best possible product when the feature becomes generally available.

What happened to the Beta program?

We will continue to maintain Private Beta programs for capabilities that are in the early stage of development. Private Beta features will be invite-only and may not work as expected.

What should I do if I encounter an issue with an early access feature?

While our customer support team is always there to help, the EA capabilities are not generally supported or handled by the support team. If you experience an issue with an early access feature, please let us know in the mabl Product Portal. Early access features are listed in the "Planned" section. Follow the steps in this guide to submit feedback for an existing idea.

If you start experiencing issues and are not sure if they are caused by the early access feature, you can try some of the troubleshooting measures suggested in these guides: