Jira Cloud integration



This Jira Cloud integration is now deprecated and will cease to function.

Please use our new Jira Cloud integration that provides vastly improved functionality.

The mabl integration for Jira Cloud provides a convenient way to capture information form failed test results and share it with your development team using in Jira. As a result, QAs and Developers can better collaborate on and fix software issues fast.


Important information about integration

The Jira Cloud integration is per user, not per workspace. This means that every user will need to complete the steps below to integrate independently into Jira with their own Jira credentials. Be sure that all users in your workspace have completed the steps below to take full advantage of this feature.

How to integrate with Jira

You will need your Jira domain as well as your Jira username and password to complete this integration.

  1. First, you'll have to add the Jira integration from the Settings > Integrations page. To add the Jira integration, you'll need to have a Jira API key.

Click the Add Jira button

  1. Add your domain, username, and API key.

Add your domain, username, and API key.

You'll now have a fresh new Jira integration. You'll be able to add Jira issues just as before without having to log in anymore.


Adding a new Jira Issue

  1. Click the three dots on the upper right and click "Add to Jira".

Add Jira Issue

  1. Select your project and Issue type.

Select project and issue type

  1. You can add a lot more information to the summary and description that can be customized before creating the issue.

  2. Hit "Add to Jira" and you've got a fresh new Jira issue with a relevant screenshot if one is there.




Not all screenshots are currently available. We're planning on updating this.

You'll then see a success message if the issue was successfully sent to Jira.


Your newly created issue