How to verify your email & troubleshooting

You must verify your email to take out a mabl trial. This document details the steps needed to verify, as well as how to troubleshoot the process.

Verifying your email

If you've filled in your details on the website, you'll be asked to check your email for a verification email.

Go to your inbox and find the email, then click the main button in the middle of the page.

You'll be taken to mabl now and asked to choose a password. Save the password and you'll be taken to your new trial!


Can't find the verification email? Here are a few things to look for:

  • Search for emails from [email protected] in your inbox
  • Search for emails with the title "Verify your email to start using mabl" in your inbox
  • Check your spam or junk folders
  • Ensure you're looking in the same inbox as the email you originally provided

Still can't find the email?

Look for the purple icon below at the bottom right of this page. Click it, start a new chat, and tell us your email. We'll be able to resend the verification email or complete the process manually if needed. You can also contact us any time at [email protected]!


The in-app chat icon