Quick-Start Guide

5-10 min to complete
Prerequisites: mabl desktop app, a native desktop application for creating, editing, and managing tests

You will learn

  • How to set up your user account and application under test
  • How to train your first test and run it in the cloud
  • How to view the comprehensive test results

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Install the mabl Trainer

In order to create and edit tests, you need to use Google Chrome and the mabl desktop app.

You will find a convenient link to download the desktop app on the dashboard when you first log in:


mabl dashboard first steps guide

Train your first test

After you install the desktop app, you can start training your first test!

When you create a new test, the app will launch a new, stateless browser. As soon as you begin interacting with your application, mabl starts live recording those interactions which can be viewed in the Trainer window.


Training in the desktop app

A basic test can be recorded by interacting with your app. The Trainer has more advanced capabilities to dive into later. We recommend that every test has assertions to ensure the test run stays on track.

Add an assertion to verify an element contains expected text or some other property such as a CSS class or specific href.


Add assertion button

For example, a very simple assertion might be that a text string is present.


Asserting on a page element


Element assertion options

Once you are done training, save the test and close the Trainer to go back to the mabl app where you can trigger a test run in the cloud.


Save your test.

Run and view results

Run the new test by clicking Run Test. Select the browsers you would like the test on and click Run Now. This will kick off a test run in the cloud. Tests can be run both locally and in the cloud.


Click Run Test to run the test from the cloud immediately.

Once the test run is started, click on the "Live" link to see detailed logs and other application mabl is capturing during the run.


Access the test run results.

In the test output, you will see detailed logs about every executed test step with a screenshot, DOM snapshot, HTTP Archive (HAR) file with network request data, speed index, performance trace, and more. With consecutive test runs, mabl will start showing you any detected visual changes as it learns to ignore dynamic page regions such as ad banners.


Next steps

You completed your first end-to-end test!

In order to fully experience mabl, your next step is to configure an application and at least one environment. From there you can create plans and schedule your test to run automatically.


Set up your plan!

Soon, you'll be a power user ready to learn about the visual explorer , coverage, insights , integrations, teams, auto-healing, CI/CD, and more!


Learn more

Learn more about mabl by checking out our frequently asked questions!

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