About mabl

A high-level overview of mabl

What does mabl offer?

Mabl is a test automation solution that helps teams achieve high test automation coverage across their applications to keep up with the pace of development, increase coverage, and resolve issues more quickly.

Unified platform

Use mabl to create and maintain automated functional tests for browser, API, and mobile web, and reuse those tests for non-functional testing such as accessibility and performance monitoring - all within one unified platform.

Low-code test automation

Use the native functionality in the mabl Trainer and the API Test Editor to create tests without writing a line of code. And if you need to handle more complex testing scenarios, both the mabl Trainer and the API Test Editor support the use of JavaScript snippets and scripts.

Resilient tests

Mabl uses machine intelligence to build more resilient browser tests with auto-heal and Intelligent Wait.

Insightful reporting

The homepage of the mabl app features a dashboard where you can get a high-level understanding of the current state of quality of your applications and environments. The mabl app also includes additional dashboards focused on specific aspects of quality:

Native integrations

Mabl has native integrations with DevOps tools that help you automate tests within your development pipeline, including Jira, GitHub, GitLab, and Bitbucket.

Key components


Each test is a set of steps that validates a specific functionality in your application or API. Once a test is saved, you can run the test locally or in the cloud.


Plans collect together one or more tests and define when and where mabl will run the tests. For example, you could create a plan that contains tests covering all regression tests, schedule them to run weekly, and run against your staging environment.

Mabl Trainer

Create and edit browser tests in the mabl Trainer. Add assertions to ensure your application is working as expected and advanced steps, such as flows, conditional logic, and JavaScript snippets, to accomplish more complex interactions.

API Test Editor

Create and edit API tests in the API Test Editor. Make assertions on the expected response and create variables to use in subsequent requests without writing a line of code.

Next steps

Quick-start guide

If you haven't created a mabl account, this guide explains how to get started in mabl, from setting up your account to creating and running your first test.

Install the mabl Desktop App

You need the mabl Desktop App to create and edit tests. Follow the instructions here to install the mabl Desktop App.

Mabl University

If you're new to mabl, or you want to hone your existing skills, check out our self-guided lessons at mabl University! The Getting Started with mabl: Foundations series is a great resource for new mabl users!

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