Introducing mabl CLI beta

Integrating end-to-end regression testing as part of your CI/CD pipeline and developer workflow is about to become a whole lot easier with the mabl CLI, a command-line tool.

You can now work with mabl directly from your terminal to:

  • Query your workspaces, applications and environments
  • Run smoke and regression tests on deployment
  • See deployment test results
  • Download screenshots for a given journey

To get started, install Node.js and run:

$ npm i -g @mablhq/mabl-cli
$ mabl --help
>		Commands:
>   mabl applications <command>                     Manage mabl applications
>   mabl auth <command>                             Manage auth for the mabl CLI
>   mabl config <command>                           Configure defaults for the mabl CLI
>   mabl deployments <command>                      Manage mabl deployments
>   mabl environments <command>                     Manage mabl environments
>   mabl export  <event-type> <entity-id> [options]  Export entities and data
>   mabl workspaces <command>                       Manage mabl workspaces
> Options:
>   --version  Show version number  [boolean]
>   -h         Show help  [boolean]

To learn more about the complete list of supported CLI commands and capabilities, please refer to the documentation.


Beta release

The CLI is in beta and under rapid development therefore, please forgive us if we change things without notice until the CLI becomes generally available.