Intelligent Wait for the Unified runner

Identifying whether or not your app has reached the correct state before interacting with it is a core challenge of automated testing. To address this challenge, mabl has developed a new feature: Intelligent Wait for the Unified Runner.

Intelligent Wait tracks historical data for the timing of your application and uses those learnings during execution to ensure your tests run at a speed that is just right. You can find more information about the Intelligent Wait feature, available configuration options and other operational considerations in this help article.

This feature is available to all users of the Unified runner and is enabled by default as of March 3rd, 2022. It does not require any changes to existing tests or the way mabl users create new tests.

You may notice that mabl takes a bit of extra time during the first few runs to ensure the application is ready for the next step. If that extra time is not necessary for your application, you can adjust it using page interaction speed.

mabl desktop app is configured to run with FAST page interaction speed out of the box to allow for the most efficient test editing experience. That setting can be changed in the Preferences dialog of the app.


Page interaction speed in the desktop app