Headless testing with the mabl CLI


Alpha feature

Headless test runs are introduced in the the latest version of the mabl CLI (0.6.10-beta) under the mabl tests run-alpha command. Headless mode offers a more performant and less disruptive way to run mabl tests. With this new feature users can test local changes to the codebase quickly with minimal disruption as well as quickly validate new tests or changes to existing tests.

Running a test in headless mode

mabl tests run-alpha --id <TEST_ID> --headless

or use a test run id to run a test with the same config (environment, credentials, etc.) as a test run from the mabl app:

mabl tests run-alpha --run-id <test-run-id> --headless

The run-alpha command will eventually be deprecated and its functionality, including --headless mode, will be moved under the regular mabl tests run command.

Need to get a test or test run id?

You can find needed resource ids in the test details and test output page. See the Obtaining mabl Resource IDs for the CLI section of the help docs for more info.


The new run-alpha command does not yet support running the PDF, API, or email steps in headless mode. Tests with these steps will run in headful mode. Auto login flows playback is not supported in either headless or headful mode.