Add comments & collaborate on test output

New to mabl is the ability to add comments to any test run in mabl right from the output page.


Where to find the new commenting feature, and how to open a thread.

This is great for teams working together to debug issues, giving your team the ability to link out to related test failure, Jira ticket, or a specific PR that broke your tests. Not only that, but you can also emphasize your notes with GitHub-flavoured markdown to bold, italicize, and more. Each note will include info on the user who left it, as well as when they left it.


An example of a comment, bolding another user's name using markdown

Want to learn about new comments right away? Upgrade your Slack integration, or create a brand new one, to start sending new comments to a designated Slack channel. This allows for the inclusion of fun emojis unique to your company's Slack, but unfortunately does not allow you to ping specific users, groups, or channels at this time. Click the header of the Slack message to be taken directly to the related test output.