mabl Bitbucket Pipe

Posted by Don McNamara 12 days ago

Introducing a mabl pipe for Atlassian Bitbucket Pipelines that enables users to quickly integrate continuous end-to-end testing within their CI/CD pipeline. This allows you to easily run your smoke, o...

Bulk copy plans from the plan list

Posted by Terry Knowlton 13 days ago

Have you ever needed to create a parallel set of plans for a new application or environment and had to go through each plan to duplicate them individually? Now you can bulk copy plans from the plan l...


mabl CLI Create, Edit, & Run Support

Posted by Michael Bartucca 14 days ago

The mabl CLI (v. 0.3.0-beta) now supports creating, editing, and running your mabl tests directly from the command line inside a fresh Chrome window...


Expanded PDF delivery options

Posted by Matt Womer 21 days ago

We've added support for more ways to deliver PDFs. Prior to this update, PDFs could only be trained when retrieved via HTTP GET or via blob URLs whether embedded or downloaded. We've added support f...


URL override & basic auth support for ad hoc runs

Posted by Libo Zeng 28 days ago

Want to run a single branched test against a preview environment or any ephemeral URL? Now you can with the new URL override functionality from the "Run Test" button on any test details page. Be sure ...


Improved accept invitation signup dialog

Posted by Eugene Krylov about a month ago

New users invited by their colleagues will see an improved signup form. The new form shows the name of the workspace owner who sent the invitation and only requires new users to fill in their name.


Annotate failed tests

Posted by Libo Zeng about a month ago

Ever wanted to mark why a test failed within mabl? See why your tests are failing across an environment? Or easily see if a coworker has already debugged an issue? mabl now supports failure annotation...


Filters on results screens

Posted by Eugene Krylov about a month ago

Find the test run, plan run, or deployment you're looking for even faster with our newly upgraded filters on the Results page. Export your filtered results to a CSV with the click of a button as well.


Assert against count of all found elements

Posted by Juliette MacPhail about a month ago

mabl now supports finding all elements that match a CSS selector or XPath. From here, you can assert the number of elements that match this query. In the future, we hope to expand this feature to supp...


Export mabl tests to Selenium IDE and more

Posted by Michael Bartucca about a month ago

You can now export mabl tests into various formats with the mabl CLI (version 0.1.10-beta). Supported export formats are: ## Selenium IDE The mabl ...