Desktop App updates: 1.22.29

Here's what's new in the mabl Desktop App...

Managing multiple tunnels with the same Link Agent

Starting with version 2.8.1, it is now possible to configure a single Link Agent instance to manage multiple tunnels.

Link Agent configuration file support

Starting with version 2.8.1, the Link Agent can now be configured by configuration file as an alternative to passing options on the command line.

Desktop App updates: 1.22.21 and 1.22.26

Here's what's new in the mabl Desktop App...

Desktop App updates: 1.22.17

Here's what's new in the mabl Desktop App...


Improved API step output view in browser tests

Have you ever found reviewing browser test API step output in raw JSON format challenging? To make test review more efficient, we have introduced the same structured/tabbed design used in API tests. You can now easily find and review the header and body (if present) for the request and response.

Visual smoke test Unified runner support

As we continue to enhance the capabilities of mabl's Unified Runner we are pleased to share that visual smoke tests can now be run on the Unified Runner with both Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge browsers.


Run Longer API Tests

What's better than API testing? More API testing, obviously.

Desktop App updates: 1.22.10

Here's what's new in the mabl Desktop App...


Performance reporting on Release Coverage

We’re excited to share the release of additional performance reporting enhancements to identify potential performance regressions at the release-level using Speed Index & API response time data that we collect from cloud runs of functional tests.