Autocomplete variable names for API testing

Posted by Tamara Yu a day ago

Variables are key to creating API tests that can work with dynamic data and handle sophisticated scenarios. Starting in version 1.2.1 of the Desktop App, we make it easy for you to use variables in API test steps by autosuggesting available variable names when you need them. Remember that the syntax for referencing a variable in a string is {{@variableName}}, which is the same for API tests as well as browser tests.


Adding labels to tests in bulk

Posted by Anja Alempijevic 3 days ago

You can now bulk-add labels to tests via the Tests page. This is very useful if you have many tests to which you'd like to assign the same labels. It saves you the time of manually editing each test via the Test Edit form.


Release coverage dashboard

Posted by Michael Bartucca 4 days ago

Quickly view the current or historic status and quality of your testing coverage in one central place. Filter the new release coverage dashboard by test label, a date range, or environment to easily identify which tests may be flaky, haven’t been run, or have been failing consistently.


Chrome v93 available

Posted by Joseph Lust 11 days ago

After extensive validation testing, Google Chrome v93 is now available as the default version of Chrome used by mabl's cloud test runs.


Filter test results by date and time

Posted by Thomas Lavin 23 days ago

New to mabl is the ability to filter the Results > By Test table by date and time, allowing you to quickly jump back and view the results for a given day, week, or month without having to view all the results that came after that period.


mabl CLI improvement for launching cloud run

Posted by Tamara Yu 23 days ago

The mabl CLI's run-cloud command now supports the basic-auth-credentials-id option. If your test requires basic auth, you can kick off a cloud run from the CLI as well as from the webapp and the desktop app.


mabl CLI Node.js runtime improvements

Posted by Joseph Lust about a month ago

The mabl CLI has been updated to require Node.js v12+ for installation, as part of the mabl-cli v1.8.6 release. Mabl CLI users should ensure their Node.js installations are version 12 or higher.


Interaction speeds now available in the CLI

Posted by Christina Black about a month ago

The mabl CLI allows you to kick off local test runs with significant speed improvements. While this speed increase is usually helpful for receiving rapid feedback on test results, sometimes tests may fail if they do not handle timing gracefully. This could include instances where the page has not loaded or the state of an element has not changed yet.
The page interaction speeds available at the plan and environment level are available as the flag --interaction-speed on the CLI. This flag will override any settings on the test run or plan run.


Recover deleted tests, flows, snippets

Posted by Eugene Krylov 2 months ago

The Activity feed tab in the Settings module now allows users to recover items that might have been deleted unintentionally. The recover icon is available for Tests, Flows, and Snippets. Users must have Editor or Owner role permissions to perform the recovery operations.


Unified test runner beta release

Posted by Juliette MacPhail 2 months ago

The Unified test runner beta is now available to all mabl customers.