Run in Cloud from the mabl Trainer

Posted by Andrew Mendelsohn about 6 hours ago

Now you can launch full test runs in the mabl cloud directly from the mabl trainer. Use this feature to easily verify your test as you train and edit them with new steps. Your training session will re...


Run mabl tests from the CLI

Posted by Andrew Mendelsohn 3 days ago

Now you can run mabl tests directly from the CLI. This makes it easier to integrate mabl tests with your CI and developer workflows. You can also start testing changes or debugging specific failures d...


Branching support

Posted by Geoff Cooney 3 days ago

With the latest release, mabl now supports branching tests and reusable flows. You can create branches, save tests to them, run the branched tests, and add them to plans. All without impacting your ...


Visual Smoke Tests

Posted by Joseph Lust 3 days ago

Have you ever wanted to monitor your top web properties for visual regressions? This is process is now trivial with Visual Smoke Tests. Simply supply a ...


Drag and drop steps

Posted by Don McNamara 4 days ago

You can now test drag and drop functionality in your web applications using mabl.


Custom HTTP headers logging

Posted by Eugene Krylov 14 days ago

Test execution logs now include custom HTTP header names to enable troubleshooting and debugging of the test plans that require a custom header. For a plan configured to send a custom header, logs wil...


Configure mabl CLI with API key

Posted by Geoff Cooney 14 days ago

The mabl CLI can now be configured with API key authorization. This makes the CLI easier to use in CI/CD environments. To configure the CLI:


Easily Run Tests Outside of a Plan

Posted by Ryan Jones 15 days ago

Quickly trigger individual test runs without worrying about plans and effects on pass/fail reporting. These runs won’t trigger insights and will only appear in the “Results” page and the “Run History”...


Wait Until Step

Posted by Shannon Lu 16 days ago

We're all fine with "up to a 15 minute wait" for a table to open at our favorite restaurant, but if a table is available before the 15 minutes is up, wouldn't you prefer be seated earlier rather than ...


PDF export includes step titles

Posted by Eugene Krylov 16 days ago

Reading test run results exported to PDF format just got easier. We now include step titles in the output to help navigate long and complicated tests.