Visible element attributes

Posted by Juliette MacPhail about 6 hours ago

Mabl now shows additional information for any given element on the page when changing the target element, creating an assertion, or creating a variable based on element attributes. Simply hover over an element to view additional details, such as the class name or tag. Utilize these attributes to quickly locate the correct element without referring to the DOM.


Rollback all selector overrides from test execution

Posted by Lauren Clayberg 7 days ago

A new menu item, "Rollback updated selectors", has been added on the test output page.


CircleCI integration

Posted by Bertold Kolics 13 days ago

You can now trigger specific environment or application test plans from CircleCI. The result of the test runs is also available in JUnit XML format. For more information, visit the run-mabl-tests Orb documentation or the mabl help article.


Updated wait-until step

Posted by Patrick Hanbury 18 days ago

Using the new wait-until configuration, you can now tell mabl explicitly if it should auto-heal.


Multi-workspace usage dashboard

Posted by Corey McCue 18 days ago

With this release we’ve added support for certain tiers of Enterprise customers to allocate their monthly test runs to various workspaces across their organization, with a dashboard that displays test run usage across those workspaces.


Test output loading improvements

Posted by Corey McCue 25 days ago

We've improved the test output and ad-hoc run experiences, focusing on performance.


mabl branch option added to Jenkins integration plugin

Posted by Bertold Kolics 27 days ago

The latest version of the Jenkins integration plugin now supports the mabl branch option. Using this option you can trigger tests in a specific branch. You can also leverage variables in Jenkins to specify a value for this new branch parameter.


Performance data in Coverage

Posted by Jeff Zupka about a month ago

mabl now gives you the ability to see how a page performs without the need to create new or specialized tests. We've expanded mabl's Coverage data to include Speed Index, a performance monitoring metric that indicates how users are likely to perceive the load speed of your application. Previously, this data was only available in the "Performance" tab for individual steps of a test run.


Octopus Deploy integration

Posted by Bertold Kolics about a month ago

We have made it easier to trigger specific application or environment plans with Octopus Deploy. The Run mabl tests template is now available in the Octopus step template library. Learn more.


Generating random data

Posted by Simon Choy about a month ago

We have now added support for the creation of random data in variables. Now you can create variables with random names or addresses (and more!) using the string template. The syntax for this new feature is in the form {{fake.type.subtype}}, e.g. {{}}.