Grouping visual change options in journey run output

Posted by Simon Choy 3 days ago

In the journey run output page, the selections related to visual changes are now grouped together to improve viewing on smaller resolutions. The Current, Baseline, and Side-by-side tabs along wi...

Quickly edit step descriptions in the mabl Trainer

Posted by Michael Bartucca 4 days ago

We recently gave users a way to supply custom step descriptions in the mabl Trainer and now we've made it even easier to edit them...

Preview deployment event

Posted by Edgar Maldonado 10 days ago

Have you ever wanted to test a call to our Deployment Events API without actually executing any plans? You can now perform a preview (dry run) of a Deployment Event API call to see what plans would ha...

New Variables View in Trainer

Posted by Simon Choy 10 days ago

You can now view all the variables used in a journey in the trainer. The options in the Variables dropdown have been modified slightly, and there is now a new View option. Clicking on this option op...


mabl mailbox custom email prefix support

Posted by Andrew Mendelsohn 11 days ago

You can now use custom prefixes with mabl Mailbox email addresses. Tagging your mabl Mailbox email addresses with a custom prefix can help you easily mark and differentiate addresses on your backend s...


mabl test action available for GitHub Actions 2.0

Posted by Geoff Cooney 15 days ago

mabl now supports a native integration with GitHub Actions 2.0. Using the run mabl tests action, you can easily integrate mabl into your CI/CD workflow. The run mabl tests action has support for set...


mabl GitHub App Available

Posted by Joseph Lust 15 days ago

We're excited to announce the release of the mabl GitHub app.


Custom Step Descriptions and Notes (v2.11.9+)

Posted by Shannon Lu 16 days ago

Add your own description for steps while recording or editing journeys in the mabl Trainer. Sometimes the auto-generated step description from mabl doesn't quite capture the details or context of what...


Metrics in email report

Posted by Kim Tran 21 days ago

We've added metrics to your email report! Numbers of the most recent passing/failing journeys, test coverage, recent visual changes, recent JavaScript errors, deployments, recent checked/broken links,...


Jenkins plugin (v0.0.13) allows filtering by plan labels

Posted by Andrew Mendelsohn 23 days ago

You can now select plan labels when creating a build step in the mabl Jenkins plugin. After adding your API key, the Plan Labels field will populate with...