Issue creation from failed step

Posted by Simon Choy about 23 hours ago

If there is an issue tracker integration configured in the workspace, there is now a Create Issue button that appears on the failed step. This is a more convenient way to create issues from failed test runs.


Improved playback and run controls in the desktop app

Posted by Jeff Zupka 2 days ago

We've updated the desktop app (v0.8.0 beta) to combine trainer playback and run controls to make them easier to find and use. We've also addressed several usability issues when creating or editing a test:


New Jira Cloud integration

Posted by Simon Choy 7 days ago

There is now a new and improved Jira Cloud integration available! The new integration can be found in and installed from the Atlassian marketplace. Once a Jira admin installs the app and configures the integration for a mabl workspace, then any users of the mabl workspace can create issues in Jira from the test results page. The created Jira issue will have artifacts (screenshot, DOM snapshot, etc.) attached if applicable and the issue view in Jira will also contain links to the corresponding plan(s)/test(s)/test run(s) the issue is associated with.


Display actual values in API test assertion cards

Posted by Eugene Krylov 8 days ago

To assist with configuring API test assertions the cards will show values found in the response for the specified assertion target and path.
This feature is available in the app version 0.7.19 and later.


Jenkins integration now supports Java 11

Posted by Bertold Kolics 14 days ago

The Jenkins integration has been updated to support installations using the Java 11 runtime environment.


Proxy support in Jenkins integration

Posted by Bertold Kolics 16 days ago

Customers running Jenkins behind a firewall may have to use a proxy to access the Internet. Simply configure the system-wide proxy settings in Jenkins and the integration will automatically send traffic through the proxy. Learn more.

Data-TestID, Test-ID, and Data-Automation-ID Tracking

Posted by Patrick Hanbury 16 days ago

We will now be tracking data-testid, test-id and data-automation-id attributes for any newly trained steps. Through no extra work on your part, mabl will use these attributes to find elements in your DOM.


BigQuery Export Supports Partitioned Tables

Posted by Joseph Lust 17 days ago

To help optimize your BigQuery analytics, support for partitioned tables has been added to the mabl BigQuery export feed integration.


See what tests will not run in a plan

Posted by Eugene Krylov about a month ago

You can now run API tests and browser tests within the same plan to offload certain tasks, such as test data creation and authentication, to the API layer. If API tests are added to an existing plan, it may not have an API base URL configured and will not run API tests.


Response header assertions in API tests

Posted by James Baldassari about a month ago

You can now create assertions against response headers in API tests. To create a header assertion, add a new assertion under Request => Tests, select Header in the Target drop-down, and then enter the header name you wish to assert against.