Assertions will now scroll to the element

Posted by Andrew Mendelsohn about 5 hours ago

Assertion steps will now scroll to the target element (if there is one). The reason for the change is twofold: 1. This ensures that on long pages, the screenshot will always include the element in qu...


Filter plan run history by status

Posted by Kim Tran 3 days ago

We're happy to announce that you can now filter the plan run history on your plan details page by status.

Coverage reports

Posted by Dani Dewitt 6 days ago

Coverage reports are now available on the coverage page under "Page reports". It's easier to see which pages have the most users and complexity and how much coverage they have (or lack), compared to t...


Applications summary update

Posted by Eugene Krylov 10 days ago

A little while ago, we introduced the application and environment summary tab under the "Configure" page in the mabl app. This tab allows y...


Identifying common pages in Coverage

Posted by Lauren Clayberg 11 days ago

The mabl Coverage page will now report test coverage in terms of common pages of your application. We use a technique called "url-clustering" to group dynamic URLs of pages, giving you more accurate a...


Retry only failed journeys on plan failure

Posted by James Baldassari 12 days ago

Building on the retry-on-failure feature for plans, there is now a new option that will cause only the failed journeys to be retried when a plan goes from passing to failing. The new setting can be...


Assert/IF against variables using template strings

Posted by Andrew Mendelsohn 12 days ago

Now you can create assertions and IF conditions against template strings. Most notably, template strings can include references to variables. Examples: 1. Here we assert that the inner text of a...


Improved Trainer Replay (v2.13.0+)

Posted by Shannon Lu 12 days ago

The mabl Trainer now runs all local playback using the Chrome debugger mode to instrument the network interaction, gain direct access to the DOM, and better replicate user actions inside your browser....


Filter selections persisted and loaded upon page visit

Posted by Simon Choy 12 days ago

mabl now saves off the filters you apply on the following pages: results by journey, plans, journeys, flows, snippets, insights, explorer, coverage, and datatable pages! When you apply filters on thes...


New assertion types: ends with and does not end with

Posted by Bertold Kolics 17 days ago

Mabl now supports two new additional assertion types: ends with and does not end with. This allows - for example - to ...