Chrome 104 available for mabl cloud runs

After extensive validation testing, Google Chrome v104 is now available as the default version of Chrome used by mabl's cloud test runs.


API test flow post-request scripts

With the latest version of the desktop app (1.16.17), you can configure post-request scripts at the flow level! Flow-level post-request scripts run code after every request in an API test. They can be useful if, for example, you want every step to perform a particular cleanup action to leave the system under test ready for the next request.


API test flow pre-request scripts

There are many scenarios where a certain script needs to be run before every request in the API test. For example, you may want every step to check if an auth token has expired and, if so, obtain a new one. This logic can now be configured in a pre-request script at the flow level. :tada:


API tests now support static IP addresses

Cloud runs of mabl API tests now support using mabl's static IP addresses. This improvement enables testing APIs that are not exposed to the public internet, such as those located behind company firewalls that use IP allowlisting for access.


Mabl CLI proxy certificate validation fixed

We have added a new proxy library to the mabl CLI to support our customers who use proxies with self-signed certificates. Previously, if you had disabled SSL verification with the http.sslVerify option, the mabl CLI would ignore this setting and always verify the SSL certificates. This issue was due to a bug in the underlying JavaScript proxy library used by the mabl CLI. When attempting to use a proxy that had self-signed certificates, it would cause all connections to fail.


Enhanced proxy settings for the Desktop App

We've enhanced the proxy settings in the mabl Desktop App to provide greater flexibility for users with for complex network configurations. Specifically, you can now tell the Desktop App which traffic should use the proxy settings:


API test console logging

We are happy to share that mabl supports console logging in API test scripts! Debugging complex API scripts is now easier than ever. Console logging works with all of your API test scripts, including the pre-script, script, and flow-level script.


Commenting on branched tests and flows

In order to enable more collaboration within the mabl platform we're excited to announce that users can now add comments and threads on branched tests and flows! Just access the comparison view of a given test or flow on a branch, accessible from the ... menu or by clicking the +X, -Y under the "Changes" column. Learn more


Early access for Edge support

We're excited to share that support for Microsoft Edge on the Unified runner is now available to all mabl customers through our early access program! With the addition of Edge, teams can achieve broader cross-browser validation and benefit from the additional functionality of the Unified runner, including:


Webhooks now support static IP addresses

Mabl webhooks now support mabl's static ip addresses. With this enhancement, you can configure a webhook to call a URL that is behind a company firewall, so long as you've added mabl's static IP addresses to an allowlist.