Octopus Deploy integration

Posted by Bertold Kolics 9 days ago

We have made it easier to trigger specific application or environment plans with Octopus Deploy. The Run mabl tests template is now available in the Octopus step template library. Learn more.


Generating random data

Posted by Simon Choy 11 days ago

We have now added support for the creation of random data in variables. Now you can create variables with random names or addresses (and more!) using the string template. The syntax for this new feature is in the form {{fake.type.subtype}}, e.g. {{}}.


mabl CLI: support for api and email step execution

Posted by Simon Choy 23 days ago

The mabl-cli v0.6.50-beta is out with a couple enhancements for the headless runner. The mabl-cli now supports executing API steps and mabl mailbox email steps in headless mode. Any tests using these two features can be executed with the --headless flag when running them via the mabl tests run-alpha command.

mabl CLI: --from-plan-id flag support for headless runs

Posted by Michael Bartucca 23 days ago

With the mabl-cli v0.6.52-beta you can now use the --from-plan-id flag with the mabl tests run-alpha command as a way of specifying the grouping of tests to run locally. This flag will use the plan info as a grouping of tests to execute sequentially.

mabl Mailbox: Shortened addresses

Posted by Terry Knowlton 24 days ago


Jenkins integration update

Posted by Bertold Kolics 25 days ago

The 0.0.23 version of mabl Jenkins integration plugin has been released.


mabl Mailbox Improvements

Posted by Joseph Lust about a month ago


Virtual test output tabs

Posted by Ryan Jones about a month ago


Support for basic math calculations

Posted by Simon Choy about a month ago

You can now apply basic math operations on numbers or variables without using Javascript snippets! There is a new syntax to support the math operations, e.g. {{1 + 1}}. mabl will attempt to evaluate the contents within {​{ ... }} as a math expression and return the numerical result. If you want to perform the mathematical operations on a variable, you can use the syntax {​{@​variable + 1}}. If you want to use multiple variables in the calculation, you can! Simply type in the expression within the {​{ ... }}, e.g. {​{@variable1 + @variable2}}.


Pass a unique Test Run ID as a variable in your tests

Posted by Patrick Hanbury about a month ago

The test_run_id is now an available variable for mabl tests to aid in identification of mabl traffic. The test_run_id is a uniquely identifiable variable associated with a cloud test run. This variable is different from the test-id used to trigger CLI runs as each cloud run of the same test will have a different test_run_id.