Easily add/remove tests from plans

Posted by Christina Black 8 days ago

It's now easier to add or remove tests from plans! Rather than selecting items one at a time, we've changed the selection to checkboxes to allow you to seamlessly add or remove a test from multiple plans at once.


Exclude data from coverage metrics and reports

Posted by Thomas Lavin 8 days ago

We've added the ability to exclude unwanted or unrelated parts of your application by URL path from coverage metrics and reports. This feature can be used to exclude pages from your website's blog that you crawl for broken links, user-facing documentation, or parts of your app that aren't accessible to users yet.

Bamboo plugin proxy configurations with basic auth support

Posted by Terry Knowlton 9 days ago

If your bamboo installation requires that only the mabl bamboo plugin's requests be sent through a proxy or through a different proxy server than the bamboo server's default proxy, you can now configure the proxy settings within the deployment task configuration. Basic authentication is also now supported by this configuration.


Running tests can be stopped from the test output page

Posted by Christina Black 16 days ago

While a test is starting or running, it can now be stopped directly from the output page of that test as it runs.


Relative dates no more!

Posted by Christina Black 17 days ago

Based on your feedback, we've replaced the relative dates reported through the app, e.g. "Last Friday," with absolute dates such as "Aug 28th" to be more explicit about exactly when your tests ran. We previously made this change to the CSVs that are downloadable throughout the app.


Octopus Deploy integration update

Posted by Bertold Kolics 22 days ago

A new version of the Run mabl tests Octopus Deploy step template is available. The new template gives you the option to trigger tests without waiting for them to complete.


mabl for Bamboo task update

Posted by Bertold Kolics 24 days ago

A new version of the mabl for Bamboo task has been released that can now create a test report as a build artifact using the popular JUnit XML format. The JUnit report also includes test case IDs. For the full list of changes, visit the Changelog page.


Ad hoc test run with datatables

Posted by Andrew Mendelsohn 24 days ago

Now you can run your data-driven tests using the associated datatables. If a test has one or more datatables associated, a toggle will appear in the Ad Hoc Cloud Run form.


GitLab CI/CD Integration

Posted by Joseph Lust 24 days ago

Mabl now integrates with your GitLab CI/CD Pipelines to easily view mabl test results in Merge Requests and Pipeline job output. Combining mabl with your CI/CD workflows is as simple as including a small YAML snippet in your .gitlab-ci.yml file.


HTTP Archive (HAR) file capture available to all workspaces

Posted by Christina Black about a month ago

By popular demand, we've enabled HTTP Archive (HAR) file capture across the board for all mabl accounts and users regardless of your subscription! 🎉