Visual model rebaselining

How to update the visual model in your browser tests

If your app was updated and you want to update the visual model in your mabl tests, you can rebaseline the visual model. There are two options in mabl for visual rebaselining:

  1. Rebaselining within a test
  2. Rebaselining multiple tests


Visual rebaselining is environment-specific

Visual rebaselining, just like visual change detection, works per environment.

Rebaselining within a test

If you want to start creating a new visual model for a specific test, you can rebaseline individual steps or all steps from the Test Output page.

The options for visual rebaselining are located in the Actions dropdown of step-level output. These options are only available if visual change learning is enabled for the plan.


Visual model rebaselining

Rebaselining multiple tests

If you want to rebaseline the visual model for many tests at a time, you can use the Deployment Events API to trigger a deployment with the option rebaseline_images set to true. This option tells mabl to start creating a new dynamic visual model for the targeted tests.


Creating a new visual model

When you rebaseline, mabl starts creating a new visual model. Until the dynamic visual model is ready, mabl uses the default visual comparison: current run to previous run.