Updating the mabl desktop app and CLI

The mabl desktop app and CLI should be regularly updated to take advantage of mabl's newest functionality, improvements, and bug fixes.

Starting August 29th, 2022, the minimum supported versions are:

  • Desktop app - v1.11.6
  • CLI - v1.20.16

Updating the desktop app

The mabl desktop app will check for updates automatically, although with certain networks and other settings it can sometimes miss out on newer versions.

To check for the newest version, click Help and Check for updates within that menu. If an update is available, a message will appear telling you the most recent version has been downloaded.

Click the "Update" button to quit and install the app, allowing you to use the newest version.


The location of the "Check for updates" option


The location of the update button, along with a mention of the version you'll be updating to.

Updating the CLI

The mabl CLI won't update automatically and should be occasionally updated to stay on top of mabl's latest enhancements and fixes. It will however, alert you when it detects a new version.


To install or upgrade to the newest version, simply run npm i -g @mablhq/mabl-cli from the command line.