Restricting the crawler to a specific application

You can add an optional "Use strict URL prefix" parameter to your Link Crawler plan to restrict the URLs that it visits. With this parameter set to "true", mabl will only crawl pages with a URL prefix that matches the base URL for your application.

To illustrate, if you have an application with a base URL of, the crawler will visit any linked pages that include as the base domain, including and With this parameter enabled, mabl would only crawl pages that begin with We could further restrict the pages that mabl visits by including sub-pages in the URL for the plan. Thus, if the plan was set to test and this parameter was set to true, mabl would only visit linked pages that begin with

Note: More information on the default behavior of the crawler is available here

Restricting the crawler to a specific URL prefix

  1. Open the plan that includes the "Visit all linked pages within the app..." test.
  2. Examine the page for the "Edit" button.
  3. Click "Edit"
  1. Scroll down to the "Tests" section.
  2. Next to the "Visit all linked pages..." test, click "Configure data-driven variables"
  1. Click Add Parameter and (if applicable) choose "mabl parameter" as the Parameter Type
  1. Choose "use strict URL prefix" as the Parameter Name
  2. Choose "true" as the Parameter Value
  3. Click Done and save the Plan

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