Reviewing test results

Reviewing and filtering test results

The Results page is where you can find all of your most recent test runs organized by specific test, plan, or deployment event for analysis. Click the Results tab in the left-hand navigation to get started.

By test

The By test tab shows all recent test runs from your entire workspace in a single filterable, sortable table.


The Test Results page

Filtering test runs

Filters available for test results include:


Sharing results

When filtered, your browser's address bar will automatically update with a deep-link that you can share to save a persistent link to the view, or easily share with colleagues.

To get this link in the desktop app, right-click anywhere on the page of filtered results and select Copy current mabl URL.

By plan

The By plan tab shows your most recent results at the plan level. Each plan run includes the following details:

  • When a specific plan run occurred
  • The overall runtime
  • Plan run status

The Plan Results page

Filtering plan runs

You can filter plan runs by name, status, and environment.

By deployment

The By deployment tab shows results for plans that were triggered by deployment event.


Results by deployment

Click on the date listed in the Received Time column to view the results of a specific deployment event.

Filtering deployment events

Filters available for deployment events include:

  • Application
  • Environment
  • Deployment id
  • Source control revision

Open test results in a virtual tab

If you want to track specific test runs while you work on other tasks in the mabl app, you can open results in virtual tabs.

Tabs can be opened from anywhere you see this icon:

Tabs appear at the bottom of your window and show the status of the test run. If you click on the tab, you are redirected to the Test Output page for that specific run. Click on the close icon to remove virtual tabs from your screen.

What is "source control revision"?

The source control revision field filters tests and deployment events by the source code revision ID associated with the deployment event. As an example, the source control revision ID in GitHub is the git hash associated with the deployment event.

You can set up a CI/CD integration to pass in the source control revision ID automatically. If you are triggering a deployment event manually, you can provide source control revision ID manually: in the mabl CLI it is added with the --revision flag, and in the JSON payload of the deployment events API it is added in the revision field.


Mabl Reporting API

For more information on retrieving test results programmatically, check out our resources on the mabl Reporting API: