Test results

The Results page is where you'll find all of your most recent test runs organized by specific test, plan, or deployment event for easy analysis.

Viewing results by test

When you click the "Results" link, you'll be taken to the "By Test" tab. Here you'll find all recent test runs from your entire workspace in a single filterable, sortable table.



Sharing results

When filtered, your browser's address bar will automatically update with a deep-link that you can share to save a persistent link to the view, or easily share with colleagues.

To get this link in the desktop app, right-click anywhere on the page of filtered results and select Copy current mabl URL.

Viewing results by plan

Clicking on the "By Plan" tab allows you to view your most recent results at the plan level. Plan runs can be filtered by status, plan name, and environment.

Each plan run includes the following details:

  • When a specific plan run occurred
  • The overall runtime
  • The status of tests within the plan

Click to expand and view test specifics, such as browser, stage, scenario, runtime, and output.


Viewing results by deployment

The last tab shows results for plans that were triggered by deployment event. You'll need to integrate mabl with a CI/CD tool using one of our plugins or use the curl-command builder.

After a deployment event is detected by mabl, you'll view it here. You can filter the deployments by application as well as environment.

Open test results in a virtual tab


You can open test results in a virtual tab. Tabs open at the bottom of your window and stay open until you close them.


Tabs can be opened from anywhere you see this icon:


These tabs will stick around as you navigate throughout the mabl app, making it easy to get back to them when you need them.

Virtual tabs also show you the status of the test run. This is helpful if you want to start a new test run and keep an eye on it while you work on other tasks.


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