Jenkins integration

Using the Plugin

Use the mabl Jenkins Integration Plugin to automatically trigger specific environment or application plans to run as a build stage. This integration may be used in Jenkins freestyle as well as pipeline projects.

The plugin also allows you to select a subset of plans using plan labels. You can also use the mabl branch parameter to specify the branch to use for the triggered tests. Read more about how mabl handles branches.

Visit the plugin repo for the full details on the plugin, lodge issues, or fork and submit pull requests.


API key

It is recommended to use a CI/CD Integration key with this plugin. This API Key type is limited to particular operations only and limits your security risk if the key was ever exposed. The mabl API key in the Jenkins integration plugin is stored securely using the Jenkins Credentials Plugin.

Plugin results

Plugin results can be viewed in mabl or in the JUnit XML test output. JUnit tests are output to the reports.xml file in your Jenkins build directory after the mabl tests complete.

Using the Jenkins JUnit plugin you can expose the mabl results in Jenkins.

  1. Add a Run mabl tests action to your build
  2. Add a Publish JUnit test result report post-build action to your build
  3. Configure the Test report XMLs field with report.xml
  4. Check Do not fail the build on empty test results (empty if no tests ran)

Configured Jenkins mabl build action and JUnit test reporting

You can now see your test results reported with your test runs under Test Result for each build.


Detailed view of mabl test runs via JUnit result output.

Test case IDs in the JUnit report

The generated JUnit report includes information about the test case IDs associated with the triggered tests. Note that the standard Jenkins reporting does not reveal this extra information in the user interface. However, the JUnit report.xml created by the integration may be passed to other applications.


Add deployment trigger to desired plans

Only active plans with deployment triggers in their plan configurations will be run by the build step.