Editing tests

Editing test information and steps

You can modify an existing test from the Test Details page:

  • Click on Tests in the left-hand navigation.
  • Select the test that you would like to update.

The Test Details page

Editing test info

If you want to update test information, click on the pencil icon in the top left corner. The following details can be updated:


Updating test information

This information is also known as test metadata.

Editing test steps

To edit test steps, click on the Edit steps button.



Editing test steps requires the mabl Desktop App. If you click Edit steps in the web app, a modal will appear prompting you to open the test in the mabl Desktop App.

Browser tests

If you are editing a browser test, you can choose between editing the test in the mabl Trainer or opening the test in quick edit mode.


Default mabl tests

You cannot edit test steps for the following auto-generated mabl tests:

Configuring the training session

When you edit an existing browser test, you may configure the following settings for your training session in the Edit Test Configuration modal:

  • Application
  • Environment
  • URL override
  • Credentials
  • DataTable scenario

The Edit Test Configuration modal

By default, the Edit Test Configuration modal selects the values that are associated with the test, but you may update them to different values as needed.

API tests

When you click Edit steps for an API test, the test opens in the API Test Editor.