Creating a test

Tests are part of the core of mabl's functionality. You can define tests by using the mabl Trainer to record steps, including clicks, assertions, creating variables, JavaScript steps, and much more. The steps below detail how to get started creating your first test through the mabl Trainer.

Defining a new test from the mabl app

  1. Click the "New test" button in the left-hand navigation.
  1. If prompted, choose "Browser test" as the "test type"
  2. Add details to the "New browser test" page:
  • For new workspaces: in a workspace with no applications or environments configured, name the test and provide the URL of the site you want to create a test against. Use a publicly accessible site so that mabl can access the URL in cloud runs.
  • For existing workspaces: in a workspace that already has some applications and environments configured, name the test and select its plan settings in the "Add to Plan" section. If you choose "New Plan" or "No Plan", choose the application and environment.
  1. Click the "Create test" button. A new window will launch the Chrome browser and Trainer window.

The add assertion is the check icon to the right of the toolbar.

  1. User your application as you would like mabl to test it. As long as the record button is turned on, the Trainer will record your interactions with the page.
  • Replaying steps: you can replay the entire test by positioning the cursor at the top of the Trainer and clicking the play button. To replay a single step, open the More actions menu for that step and select Play step.
  • Deleting steps: hover over the step and select the Delete icon.

Example of a test

  • Additional steps: conditionals, Javascript steps, wait steps and more lie in the "+" icon, which opens up a secondary menu of step types you can add, as well as groups of reusable steps called flows.

Additional steps available in the Trainer.

  1. Click "Save" when your test is complete.
  2. Click "Close" to close the training session and return to the test details page..


mabl sandbox

You can use the mabl sandbox URL - - to practice creating tests in the Trainer.

Watch the next chapter in the quick start video guide.

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