Creating a browser test

How to create a new browser test

This guide outlines how to create a new browser test.

To get started, click on the New test button in the left-hand navigation. If prompted, choose Browser test as the test type. A form to create a new browser test will appear.


The new browser test creation form

At a minimum, you must define the test name and the application under test.

A full list of configurations that can be applied to a browser test follows:

The basics

Test name

We recommend defining a naming convention for tests with other members of your workspace so that you can easily locate tests and understand what they do.

Test description

This option field is helpful if you want to give greater context or explanation for the test you are creating.

Test labels

Test labels are another optional setting; they offer a way to sort tests. They can also be used to trigger ad hoc runs from the mabl CLI.


Indicate whether you'd like to train a test for desktop or mobile.

Add to plan

You may choose to add the test to an existing plan, create a new plan, or not add the test to a plan at all.

Existing plan

Choose the plan from the dropdown. The test will use the application environment(s) that are configured for the existing plan.

New plan

Enter the plan name and select the application and environment that the plan should run in.

No plan

Select the application and environment for the test.

Show advanced options


You can associate the test with a DataTable and opt to Train with DataTable.


  • Login flow: Toggling on this option will add an auto-login flow to the beginning of the test.
  • Credentials: You can select a set of credentials to use while training your test. The credentials dropdown does not appear for tests that are added to an existing plan; instead, the test will use credentials associated at the plan level.

After filling out the browser test creation form, click on Create test to launch the mabl Trainer and record your test steps!