Automatic popup dismissal

Mabl automatically attempts to dismiss popups that open on a page during testing. This means you don't have to worry about failing tests if you're running your tests against changing applications with newly added or removed popups. Think of it as an automatic conditional: if a popup is detected that interrupts the regular flow of the test, mabl will dismiss it and continue testing normally. In the case of window popups, mabl will automatically accept these to dismiss them. You're also able to train against and dismiss the popups manually if you prefer.

Types of popups

Mabl handles most popups automatically, but there are some exceptions.

Popup TypeDoes mabl handle this?You can train against the popup
Standard Webpage PopupYes. mabl will automatically dismiss these popups in the event that the regular action in the test would fail without it.Yes
window.alert() PopupYes. mabl will automatically dismiss these popups.No
window.prompt PopupYes. mabl will automatically dismiss these popups.No
Basic Auth PopupYes, but you'll need to add your basic auth credentials to mabl and enable them at the plan level.No

Distinguishing between browser dialogs and application pop-ups


Example of a browser dialog

It's important to note the distinction between browser dialogs and application pop-ups. Browser dialogs, such as window.alert(), cannot be trained against in mabl. These dialogs are automatically dismissed during Trainer replay, local runs, and cloud runs. However, application pop-ups, such as standard webpage pop-ups, can be trained against.


Blocking elements

If a step interacts with an element that is blocked by another element, such as a modal, mabl will identify the blocking element as a pop-up and attempt to dismiss it.