Adding hovers

The mabl Trainer supports the ability to track user behavior for menu items that have hovers built into an application. With the following steps, you can easily add hovers into your tests that might involve such interactions.

Adding hovers to a test

  1. Make sure that the mabl Trainer is open in your window.
  2. Click the "Settings" menu in the bottom right corner of the Trainer toolbar.
  3. Check the option "Record hovers" and close the "Settings" menu
  4. Ensure that the "Record" button is turned on
  5. Click on the element of your application that you want to hover on. The Trainer will automatically record the hover step in your test.
  6. Click all of the other elements you'd like to record in this hover step.
  7. When you are finished, you can uncheck the record hovers option.

If you would like to record any more hovers in your test, repeat steps 2 - 6.

Best practices

Initially, some of the ways in which you can incorporate hovers into your tests might include the following:

  • Activating drop-down menus
  • Displaying "add to basket" options on mouseover, particularly in e-commerce sites
  • Scrolling through various product views
  • Displaying the price of a product via a hover trigger
  • Displaying different views or colors of a product/image
  • Zooming into or out of product images
  • Providing additional information quickly for users in forms
  • Displaying side links or tooltips

Deleting hovers

In order to delete the steps recorded in a Hover entry, you can simply hover over the steps you wish to delete, and a small "Delete" icon will appear to the right of each step. Clicking on this will delete the step, and you can continue through until all the steps related to a particular instance of a hover are fully deleted.

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