Update session configuration in the mabl Trainer

You can now update the browser test's configuration in the mabl Trainer in the Session Configuration modal. The Session Configuration modal makes it easier to validate and troubleshoot values from DataTable scenarios, application, environment, and credentials while training a browser test!


The Session Configuration modal

For example, if you are training a test with a DataTable scenario, but you want to make sure the test works with a different scenario, you could apply the different scenario in the Session Configuration modal and confirm that the test still works as expected.

Additionally, if you have a test failing on particular DataTable scenarios, you can easily switch the Trainer to a troubled scenario by applying the scenario in the Session Configuration modal.

How it works

To get started, open the Variables modal: {x} > Manage the variables in this test.


To make changes to the session configuration, click on the Session Configuration button.


The Variables modal

You may update the following from the Session Configuration modal:

If the test is not associated with a plan, mabl saves the current configuration with the test as default for subsequent edit sessions.

For more information on working in the mabl Trainer, see our docs.