Pass a unique Test Run ID as a variable in your tests

6 months ago by Patrick Hanbury

The test_run_id is now an available variable for mabl tests to aid in identification of mabl traffic. The test_run_id is a uniquely identifiable variable associated with a cloud test run. This variable is different from the test-id used to trigger CLI runs as each cloud run of the same test will have a different test_run_id.

If you're using an error reporting tool such as Rollbar, you can use this variable to easily identify when your mabl tests encountered an error in your application as well as which test.

For local runs, which are initiated by either the trainer or the CLI using the run command, there is not a uniquely identifying test_run_id variable. Rather, the test_run_id variable will always evaluate to local-run.

The test_run_id variable can be accessed using the app namespace similar to passed in usernames and passwords, i.e. app.test_run_id.

Selecting the `app.test_run_id` variable to insert.

Selecting the app.test_run_id variable to insert.