Mabl CLI Docker images now available

Running the mabl CLI in your CI/CD pipeline just got easier. Skip the NPM and CLI install process using the mabl CLI image on DockerHub. Now you can start tests and view results in a single command! Better still, these tiny containers are much faster than running npm install and work across operating systems.

docker run -e MABL_REST_API_KEY=$YOUR_API_KEY --rm mablhq/mabl-cli \
  deployments create \
  --application-id <application_id> \
  --environment-id <environment_id> \

Get started with the containerized mabl CLI today by running the above command.

Note: these Docker images are very light weight (~320MiB), so that they load rapidly in your build pipelines. To remain small, no browsers are included in these Docker images, meaning local test playback (e.g. mabl run and mabl-run-alpha) is unsupported. Install the full CLI in a headed environment for this functionality.