Early access for advanced auto-heal

At mabl, we're committed to helping teams build reliable browser tests that don't require constant maintenance. In our commitment to further reducing test maintenance, we are happy to share a new feature: advanced auto-heal powered by generative AI.

What is auto-heal?

When you create browser tests, the mabl Trainer tracks over 30 attributes and related landmarks for each element that you interact with. As you run tests in the cloud, mabl updates its understanding of these elements to ensure that your tests are easy to maintain as your application changes. This entire process is known as auto-heal.

How is advanced auto-heal different?

Advanced auto-heal uses generative AI to build on existing AI auto-healing strategies.

By using deep language models to capture the meaning and purpose of each element that you interact with, mabl can provide more robust auto-healing when your application undergoes more significant changes.

How can I get access?

You can enable this setting on the Labs page: Settings > Labs. You must be an owner of the workspace to enable this setting.


Early access feature

Advanced auto-heal is currently available for all mabl customers and trial users as an early access program. Prior to general availability, changes to the feature may be made without notice.