Accessibility Testing Beta

We are excited to announce that accessibility testing is now available to all mabl customers and trial users in beta!

Accessibility DashboardAccessibility Dashboard

Accessibility Dashboard

This feature allows you to check your application for violations, tailored to your needs, and contributes to a holistic accessibility testing strategy by ensuring your application provides an equitable experience for all users. Please note that this is not a replacement for manual testing and comprehensive accessibility audits.

You can add accessibility checks at any point in a browser test to target specific elements or the entire page. When run in the cloud, these steps provide a pass rate and a detailed summary of the check. Accessibility checks also include the option to fail the step based on the severity of the violation. Further insight from these checks can be gained from the accessibility dashboard, which gives a high-level view overview of all of the checks that are running against your app with automatic, intelligent noise reduction!

Accessibility testing is only available on the Unified Runner and is currently free to all customers and trial users during its beta period. For more information on this feature, check out the accessibility testing overview and dashboard guides.