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pointer cursor between angle brackets
April 2023

CSS assertions, enhanced SVG support, and more

Safari (WebKit)
March 2023

Safari (WebKit) early access, DataTable API, soft assertions, and more

2023 mabl Hackathon
February 2023

MFA support early access, ad hoc DataTable scenario runs, and more

Firefox Unified
January 2023

Firefox Unified early access, session configuration, and more

mabl reporting API
December 2022

Reporting API early access, managing variables, and more

Unified runner icon
November 2022

Visual smoke tests on the Unified runner, longer API tests, and more

Insight icon
October 2022

New Trainer launch options, performance insights, and more

API testing
September 2022

File upload support for API tests, API performance trends, and more

Edge support
August 2022

Edge support, flow-level scripts for API tests, and more

Conflict resolution
July 2022

Conflict resolution, commenting, Japanese-language support, and more