November 2022 Release Notes

Enhancements | Changes | Bug fixes


Visual smoke test Unified runner support

You can now run visual smoke tests on the Unified runner. This enhancement allows you to run smoke tests on all supported browsers. Learn more.


Test output from a visual smoke test run on Edge

Run longer API tests

We increased the max length for running API tests in the cloud from nine minutes to 30 minutes to support more API testing scenarios. Learn more.

Improved API step output in browser tests

Output for API steps in browser tests now have the same structured tab design as the output in API tests to make it easier to review tests. Learn more.

Enhancements to mabl Link

Customers who use mabl Link now have more options for configuring their Link Agent:

  • Configure the Link Agent with a configuration file instead of passing options in the command line. Learn more.
  • Configure a single Link Agent instance to manage multiple tunnels. Learn more.


Retiring the Legacy Runner for Chrome

The Unified Runner is replacing the Legacy Runner for Chrome. Test runs on the Unified Runner are significantly faster and provide consistent test execution between cloud and local test runs.


Migrate tests to the Unified Runner

If you are running browser tests on the Legacy Runner for Chrome, we ask that you migrate your tests to the Unified Runner, which can be accomplished by following these steps.

The Legacy Runner for Chrome will be formally retired on February 1, 2023. For more information, check out our guide on the Legacy Runner sunset plan.

Internet Explorer sunset timeline

Starting October 14, 2022, Internet Explorer entered an extended-support phase. To learn more about our plan for retiring IE support, click here.

Bug fixes


  • Fixed an issue in which flow names could not be updated if the flow was associated with a label.
  • Fixed an issue on the Test Details page in which new API tests would show Plans (0) even if they were added to a plan.

Mabl Trainer

  • Fixed a bug that prevented the mabl Trainer from loading tests with flows if a flow exhibited the following characteristics:
    • The flow had undergone conflict resolution.
    • The flow contained an assertion against a variable value.
  • Resolved a bug in which user-defined Set viewport steps could not be selected for bulk actions in the mabl Trainer.

Test execution

  • Resolved an issue in which Open email steps did not properly support variable values for the sender address in Trainer and Unified runs.
  • Fixed an issue that caused Safari test runs to fail to run and show a "stopped" status.
  • Fixed an issue in which API tests would not respect the case of an expected assertion value. For example, if a user specified that the expected value should be a capitalized "False," the API test would assert against an uncapitalized "false."

Test output

  • Fixed an issue where a browser test would have a failed status but show no failed steps on the Test Output page.
  • Resolved an issue that caused the Bamboo integration to display incorrect results for passed and failed tests when the test runs were associated with a DataTable.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented the Bamboo integration from displaying mabl test results if the results included tests with a "skipped" status.

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