May 2023 Release Notes

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API load testing early access

Users expect websites to load quickly and be responsive, and to that end, software teams need to ensure that their application's APIs deliver fast, reliable responses at scale. To address this challenge, we've introduced API load testing as an early access program!

With mabl performance tests, you can use existing functional API tests to create an API load test. Using key metrics, such as API response time and HTTP error rate, you can validate that your application is meeting performance SLAs and monitor for regressions in your app. To learn more about API load testing, check out the changelog.

Safari (WebKit) general availability

Running tests on Safari (WebKit) is now generally available for trial users and customers on Growth and Enterprise plans. To learn more about the benefits of running Safari (WebKit) tests on the Unified Runner, check out the changelog.


Chrome and Edge v113 available

Browser tests running on Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge now use v113. Learn more.


When you train a browser test, the mabl Trainer uses the current version of Chrome installed on your machine. To ensure more consistent results between Trainer, local, and cloud runs, we recommend keeping your Chrome version up to date.



Safari Legacy end of support

Safari Legacy entered an end-of-support phase on May 15, 2023 and will be formally retired on July 3, 2023.

During this time, we encourage all existing customers to migrate any outstanding plans that run tests on Safari Legacy to Safari (WebKit) on the Unified Runner.

Bug fixes


  • Resolved an issue that prevented users in some workspaces from exporting a PDF of browser test output.
  • Fixed an issue the prevented users from expanding the details of plan runs on the home dashboard after toggling environments.
  • Fixed an issue that caused tests to appear in an incorrect order on the Plan Details page.
  • Fixed an issue where plans scheduled to run daily would display the schedule 'Every Su'.

Mabl Trainer

  • Resolved an issue where launching the mabl Trainer or playing steps in the mabl Trainer on some sites would cause the app to hang and eventually crash.
  • Fixed a regression that prevented PDFs from loading in the mabl Trainer.
  • Fixed an issue that allowed the mabl Trainer to save assertions against a variable without selecting a variable.
  • Resolved an issue where the mabl Trainer could not record assertions or enter a variable as text on pages using the require-trusted-types-for Content-Security-Policy.

API Test Editor

  • Fixed an issue in which assertions in the API Test Editor would fail to properly save.

Mabl CLI

  • Fixed an issue where the mabl CLI recognized a label with spaces as separate labels when running in Docker.

Test execution

  • Resolved an issue that would cause tests with large variable exports to get stuck with a "Running" status and eventually time out.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented the mabl deployment results API from returning test case IDs.

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