June 2023 Release Notes

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Run DataTable scenarios locally from the mabl CLI

Starting with mabl CLI version 1.57.1, you can run tests locally with a specific DataTable scenario or with all DataTable scenarios, making it easier to get quick feedback on DataTable scenarios directly from your command line! To learn more, check out the changelog.

Running DataTable scenarios locally from the mabl CLI

Running DataTable scenarios locally from the mabl CLI


Activity feed in BigQuery export

The BigQuery integration now exports data from the mabl activity feed. Use the activity feed table to create custom dashboards on test activity in your mabl workspace or join mabl activity with other testing data from outside mabl. Learn more.

Response code breakdown for performance tests

The output for performance tests now includes a breakdown of response codes by endpoint, making it easier to identify the endpoints returning error responses. Learn more.

Bulk editing assertions in the Trainer

We added new bulk actions to the mabl Trainer to update the behavior of assertions on failure. Use this functionality to quickly update the behavior of selected assertions to fail immediately, fail at end of test, or continue on failure. Learn more.

Cloud execution browser updates

We updated the versions for all supported browsers for mabl cloud runs. Learn more.



Safari Legacy retirement

Safari Legacy was formally retired on July 3, 2023. All tests executed on Safari now use Safari (WebKit) for the Unified Runner.


Firefox Legacy end of support

Firefox Legacy entered an end-of-support phase on July 3, 2023. During the end-of-support phase, no further changes will be made to Firefox on the Legacy Runner.

During this time, we encourage all existing customers to migrate any outstanding plans that run tests on Firefox Legacy to the Unified Runner. Learn more about how to migrate tests here.

Bug fixes


  • Resolved an issue that prevented users from logging into the mabl Desktop App using Google Auth if they were already logged into the mabl web app.
  • Fixed an issue that allowed users to delete flows that were used in tests, which would prevent users from editing tests.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the mabl app to turn into a blank screen if you created credentials from the Plan Edit page.
  • Resolved an issue that prevented scrolling on the multi-workspace account dashboard.

Mabl Trainer

  • Fixed an issue that prevented custom find steps from identifying elements outside of an iframe when editing a test.

Test execution

  • Resolved an issue with submitting logins in autologin flows.
  • Resolved an issue that caused API throughput to drop for a performance test running on Kubernetes.
  • Fixed an issue where performance tests would include startup and teardown activity in the test duration time.

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