December 2022 Release Notes

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Reporting API early access

With mabl's new reporting API, testers can integrate the results and artifacts from mabl test runs into their reporting workflow, making it easier to share mabl test run data with the larger team! The reporting API is currently available as an early access program and includes initial endpoints for reporting test run results and exporting test run artifacts.

To learn more about mabl's reporting API, click here.


The reporting API is available as an early access program.


Improvements to managing variables in the mabl Trainer

We updated the Variables modal in the mabl Trainer. The new Variables modal shows:

  1. The initial value of a variable
  2. The variable source, such as environment or DataTable
  3. The current value of the variable

The new Variables modal

You may override the variable value with a current value, which can be useful if you want to see how the test execution changes with a different variable value. Learn more.


Retiring the Legacy Runner for Chrome

The Legacy Runner for Chrome will be formally retired on February 1, 2023. For more information, check out our guide on the Legacy Runner sunset plan.


Migrate tests to the Unified Runner

If you are running browser tests on the Legacy Runner for Chrome, we ask that you migrate your tests to the Unified Runner, which can be accomplished by following these steps.

Internet Explorer sunset timeline

Internet Explorer will enter an end-of-support phase on February 1, 2023. During the end-of-support phase, no further changes will be made to Internet Explorer in mabl, including non-critical security updates, non-security updates, and bug fixes.

To learn more about our plan for retiring IE support, click here.

Bug fixes


  • Fixed a regression in which users could not join a workspace from an email invitation.
  • Ensured that only current workspace members can receive email notifications for workspace reports.
  • Ensured that users can unsubscribe from workspace reports in the User Settings.
  • Fixed the following issues with the mabl integration for Jira Cloud:
    • Unlinking a mabl test from a Jira issue in mabl caused the Jira issue type to be updated to "task."
    • Mabl tests that were unlinked from Jira issues still appeared in the Jira case list.
  • Fixed an issue in which the resolve button for test and branch comments was not visible in dark mode

Mabl Trainer

  • Fixed a bug in which the mabl Trainer could not resolve variables that used JSON object reference during Trainer replay.
  • Ensured that customers could set cookies from a Set-Cookie response header in an API step for browser tests
  • Fixed issues with recording and playing switch context steps for iframes in the mabl Trainer.
  • Fixed an issue with recording steps that interacted with select elements in the mabl Trainer when using a Windows machine.
  • Fixed a regression in which the mabl Trainer incorrectly resolves flow parameter values if there is a variable named “flow” defined.
  • Fixed an issue in which the mabl Trainer could save invalid DataTable IDs to a browser test.

API Test Editor

  • Fixed a bug that caused API Test Editor to turn into a blank window after sending a API request that returned a connection failure.

Test execution

  • Ensured that workspaces use the correct concurrency limits when an account is upgraded from trial to customer.
  • Added retry logic for steps that navigate to iframes during browser test execution.
  • Fixed an issue in which accessibility check steps failed to check for violations within iframes.
  • Fixed an issue in which switch context steps would switch to the wrong iframe if the page contained two or more iframes with the same URL.
  • Ensured that click steps that attempt to click with JavaScript retry if the first click isn't successful.

Test output

  • Resolved an infinite loading issue for broken link reports that are unavailable.

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