Why should I install the mabl Desktop App?

The Desktop App brings the whole mabl experience to your fingertips. In addition to authoring tests in a stateless browser, you can run them locally, trigger cloud runs, and take advantage of exclusive functionality, such as API testing, that is not possible in other web-based testing tools.

Independent Trainer application

With the Desktop App, the mabl Trainer operates as an independent window that can be resized and moved separately from the browser window. This provides more real estate when training a test, and ensures the Trainer does not obstruct the browser.

Stateless browsers

All training sessions in the desktop app occur in stateless browsers. This means that cookies and browser state will not interfere with your training session, and these sessions more closely align with the browser state when a test is executed in the cloud.

Local runs

Similar to the mabl CLI, the desktop app includes the ability to execute local ad hoc runs. These tests execute locally to your machine and do not contribute towards your cloud run allowance. They also run significantly faster than cloud runs, providing quicker feedback during the test authoring process. This is a great way to get rapid feedback and ensure your tests are working as expected. Learn more about local runs here.

Dedicated resources

The application has dedicated resources on your machine. The Desktop App will not have to compete for resources with other tabs or browser windows. The browser launched when training a test from the app exists as a separate instance and will not interact with other browser windows on your machine.

Exclusive functionality

The Desktop App also provides exclusive functionality that is not possible in web-based testing tools. This includes the full power of mabl’s API testing features, as well as the ability to train and run tests on emulated mobile devices.