Visual testing overview

Visual and functional testing complement each other to help you take a holistic approach to testing the user interface (UI) of your application. While functional testing ensures there are no issues with app behavior, visual testings ensures that there are no issues the overall look and feel. Visual testing capabilities are an integral part of the mabl end-to-end testing solution and work out of the box without the need for any setup on your part.

Mabl uses machine learning to create a visual model of your application UI and help you identify important visual changes while reducing noise in areas with dynamic content such as banner ads, product listings, videos and animations. Also, because all mabl tests run in the mabl cloud, powered by Google Cloud, many customers use mabl to monitor their production environment without impacting the performance of their applications.

You can use the visual testing and monitoring capabilities to:

  • Review captured screenshots of the app state during test runs
  • Get notified about insights for detected visual changes
  • See a side-by-side comparison with the visual diffs highlighted
  • Update the visual baseline to adjust for intended changes
  • Create a fixed visual baseline to identify all visual diffs, including dynamic content

When you add, remove or update test steps in your reusable flows and tests, mabl will automatically detect this and start adjusting its visual model of your app accordingly. Hence, there’s no need to worry about getting a stream of visual change false positives when updating your functional tests.



When mabl detects a visual change, it treats it as a warning that doesn't cause a test run to fail. You can see all visual changes in the test output and mabl will generate insights only for what it thinks are important changes for you to review.

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