Using the Visual Explorer

The Visual Explorer allows you to review screenshots and inspect visual changes from all of your test runs.

Using the Visual Explorer

You can reach the Visual Explorer by clicking the "Visual Changes" card at the top of the Insights page. From there, you can filter by status (e.g. Visual Change Detected), test name, URL, and date range.


Clicking on any of the screen shots bring that specific image into focus, allowing you:

  • View the output of the test that the screenshot is from
  • View the current screenshot (by default)
  • View the baseline screenshot
  • View the current and baseline screenshots side-by-side
  • Rebaseline the visual changes from the current step
  • View/hide visual changes and dynamic content

You can find an example of the side-by-side comparison below with both visual changes (in purple) and dynamic content highlighted (in gray).