Visual change detection

Once you train a mabl test that executes under a test plan, mabl automatically starts capturing screenshots of the application UI state. You will see some of these screenshots in the test output, after mutating actions such as clicks, text entry and wait steps. It takes around 10 test runs for mabl to create a visual baseline model.

Note that visual change insights are only generated if the "Visual change learning" option in the plan configuration is enabled. When this option is disabled, the visual change will be a simple comparison between the current test run. This option is disabled by default.


Visual change learning option.

Automatic change detection

While mabl learns, you will see a message like the following.


Once mabl has finished creating the visual model baseline, it will start generating insights about visual changes as shown on the following image.


When you go to review a test output that has visual changes, you can filter for visual changes and review a side-by-side comparison against the baseline image with the differences highlighted.


You can review the dynamic content areas that mabl has identified by clicking on Highlighting --> Dynamic content.