Reviewing test output

mabl provides a wealth of test output information to help better understand the specifics of each of your tests.

Steps to view test output

  1. Click the Test option in the left-hand navigation menu
  2. Click "Plans" in the sub-navigation
  3. Choose the Plan that you want to view
  4. Click "View Output" next to the relevant run and journey.

The test output screen includes relevant information on the Status, Runtime, and other observations collected during the test run.

Test output

Test output

Filtering Test Output

When viewing the test output, you can filter by various identifiers such as "Warning," "JS Exception," and "Error" to help get a better understanding of your test. It's simple to do this, as shown below:

  1. Navigate to the output page for your test, as shown above.
  2. Examine the bar at the top of the output feed, you should see the word "Filter."
  1. Click the bar to examine the various filters or, alternatively, type your own custom filter such as "loader," "completed," or anything you'd like. The filter uses word stemming to be able to filter additional words that may be relevant, such as "load" from a "loader" filter.

Pro tip: If you toggle Warning, JS Exception, and Error on (leaving info deselected), you'll see all issues that mabl detected, including broken links, failed assertions, JavaScript errors.

You can click the Clock icon in the test output log to toggle between earth time and test time.