Reviewing test output

Reviewing results on the Test Output page

When you run your tests in the cloud, mabl captures a wealth of information to help you triage and diagnose issues on the Test Output page. This article explains how to use the Test Output page to investigate results, collaborate with your team, and integrate the results into your existing workflow.

Investigating results

The Test Output page consists of primary sections: a page header and detailed output.

Page header

At the top of the page mabl displays a minimum of six pieces of information about the test run, such as time of run, plan, and environment. Click on View all > for a full list of test run details.

Detailed output

Below the page header you can find a breakdown of the test run and investigate the output in more detail. The output depends on the type of test. See the following guides for more information about reviewing output:

Test output from an API test

Test output from an API test


Mabl Reporting API

For more information on retrieving test results programmatically, check out our resources on the mabl Reporting API:

Collaborate with your team

The Test Output page also includes functionality that facilitates collaboration.

Failure reasons

You can add a failure reason to failed test runs to help your team understand why tests are failing and enhance results reporting on the release coverage dashboard.


Click on the comment icon in the top right corner to add comments on the test run, such as links to related test failures, Jira tickets, or a specific PR that broke your tests.

Adding a comment to test output

Adding a comment to test output


Send comments to Slack

If your team uses Slack, you can configure the Slack integration to send a notification to a specific channel for new comments on test output. Click the header of the Slack message to go directly to the related test output.

Integrate results

In addition to collaborating on test output within mabl, the Test Output includes information to help you integrate your test results into your existing workflow in the More actions (...) dropdown.

The more actions menu

The more actions menu

CLI info

Get mabl resource IDs for the test run and test to use in the mabl CLI, mabl API, or a CI/CD integration.

Create a Jira issue

If you have configured the mabl integration for Jira, you can capture issue details in Jira directly from mabl test results.