Link with Docker

Setting up mabl Link with Docker removes the need of installing Java and setting up the Java-based Link Agent distribution on the host machine. You can simply run the Link Agent inside a Docker container. You can get the Link Agent Docker image from the Dockerhub.

Running the Link Agent inside a Docker container is as simple as running the following command.

$ docker run mablhq/link-agent --api-key <your-api-key> --name <agent-name>

Alternatively you can run the container as a background daemon process in the following way:

$ docker run -d --name mabl-link-agent mablhq/link-agent \
--api-key <your-api-key> --name <agent-name>

Once you run the Docker container, go to Using mabl Link - Step 4 to proceed with the rest of the Link service setup.

Testing against 'localhost'

If your test needs to access services running on the docker host (the machine/VM where docker is running), such as localhost URLs, you will need to add an additional flag when starting docker: --net="host". For example:

$ docker run --net="host" mablhq/link-agent --api-key <your-api-key> --name <agent-name>

Note about --net="host" compatibility

Unfortunately, the --net="host" flag only works in the Linux version of Docker. It will not work on MacOS or Windows. See #1, #2, and #3 for more information.

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Link with Docker

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