User settings

Configuring user settings and frequently asked questions

To manage user settings for your account click on the workspace name in the top right corner of the app.

Home page with arrow pointing to workspace name

Accessing user settings

Click on User settings to open the User Settings modal:

The User Settings modal

The User Settings modal

Updating user settings

Change the way your name appears

If your name has changed, was imported incorrectly on signup, or you would just like to customize how it looks within the mabl app, edit the Name field and click Save.

Your updated name will be immediately reflected anywhere in the app where it is displayed.

Set a primary workspace

If you are a member of multiple workspaces, you can select the workspace you'd like mabl to load on login using the Primary workspaces dropdown. When you save your settings, mabl will open to that workspace the next time you log in.

Receive workspace reports

Get a summary of the active plans in your workspace by configuring a workspace report. See our documentation on email notifications for more details.



Workspace reports configured per user per workspace. If you belong to multiple workspaces, updating the workspace report schedule in one workspace does not change the workspace report schedule in the other workspaces that you belong to.

Change the default language

Use the Language dropdown to change the default language. When you click Save, mabl updates the default language of the application UI.

Switch to dark mode

Toggle on Dark mode and click Save to change the mabl UI display to dark mode.


How can I switch workspaces?

Click on the workspace name in the top right corner. In the dropdown that appears, select the workspace that you want to switch to.

How can I find out my workspace privileges?

Visit Settings > Teams in the app. In the Members section, you can find your user role next to your name and email address.

What can I do if I'm having trouble logging in?

If you cannot log in to your mabl account, see our guide on troubleshooting login issues for next steps.