Uploading files while training a test

You can now test applications that involve uploading files by training tests that capture this action, exactly as an end user would do.


File upload size limit

File upload is limited to a maximum size of 15 megabytes.

How to upload a file while training a test

  1. Start by creating a test, load the trainer, and navigate to the page where the file upload needs to occur.
  2. Select your file normally (either by clicking a submit button on your webpage or by kicking off automatically via Javascript to upload the file after it is selected) and submit the form.
  3. You'll see that the trainer records two new steps: one step to indicate that the file input field has been set to your file, and another step after the form submission to wait for the files to finish uploading before moving onto new steps.


Recorded click step may be unnecessary

In most cases, mabl needs to interact with a file-type input element. To pick the file, the Trainer may record a click step that typically opens a system dialog. To replay the test successfully in the Trainer or run them on the cloud, this step is not necessary and can be deleted.

Confirming that files have been uploaded

In order to view and manage the files that have been uploaded in the appropriate tests, you can visit the "File Uploads" tab of the Configurations menubar. You can delete files at any time if they're unused in your tests.



Why are my files stored here?

We need to store these uploads for later test runs so that mabl will be able to perform these uploads during tests. The file capture is happening automatically in the background as you are training the test. Sometimes, it might take a few seconds for larger files to upload.

Are my files secure?

Yes, mabl automatically captures the files used during training and stores them in your workspace-encrypted bucket for use while running tests. You can read more about encryption details here.

Do file upload steps appear in replay mode?

Yes, when you go to edit a test to replay it, the Trainer will download the file to your local computer. Then, during replay, it will access that file to complete the upload replay steps.

Under which browsers can I test file uploads in tests?

File uploads are available in all supported browsers, including Safari and Internet Explorer.

Will file upload work for drag-and-drop selection?

No, this functionality is not currently supported.

Can I select multiple files at the same time during training?

No, mabl is not able to pick up multiple files selected simultaneously as of now. You need to select the files one at a time to ensure that they are properly selected.

Are there any obvious edge cases to watch out for?

Mabl has trouble working with certain types of automatic uploads, such as those involved with multiple API calls. We are working to close this gap!

How large of a file can I upload?

Uploads are supported up to 15 megabytes.

May I use the same file name with different content in different tests?

Yes. After training the tests, the file uploads page will show you which test a particular file upload belongs to even if they share the same file name.

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