Turning off tests

You may want to turn off or "pause" a test if, for example, it has an error that requires investigation.

A test that has been turned off will not run for:

  • any plan that uses that test
  • replays of historic plan runs that included the test
  • scheduled executions off that test
  • API triggered executions of that test (e.g. a deployment event triggered by your pipeline)

You can still run a turned off test from the test detail page in an ad hoc fashion.

How to turn off (or on) a test

  1. Navigate the to Tests page from the left-hand navigation.
  2. Find the test you want to turn off
  3. On the test detail page, click the on / off slider to turn off the test

Turn on and off a test

Running plans with disabled tests

When you run a plan containing turned off tests, the turned off tests will not be included in the plan run. For example, if you have 3 tests in a plan, and two are turned off, only the single turned on test will be executed when the plan is run.


A plan where both tests are disabled, so the plan run button is also disabled.


Running plans with only disabled tests

If all the tests in a plan are turned off, then the plan cannot be run. Plan run buttons will appear as grayed out and disabled in this case