Troubleshooting other issues

Troubleshooting information for non-test issues

Login to mabl

If you are having trouble logging into mabl, use the following checklist to track down the problem:

  • Check the mabl status page to see if there is a service interruption
  • Clear the browser cache and remove all cookies
  • Try login in Incognito mode (Chrome) or from a Private window (Firefox). If login works in this way, look for extensions that may interfere with the login process
  • Try login from a different browser. If login works in a different browser, then extensions in your main browser may be the culprit
  • Open the Network tab in developer tools. Capture the traffic while you are trying to log in. Right-click on any entry and select Save All as HAR. When contacting customer support, provide this file. This is how you can open the developer tools:
    • In Chrome, select the View menu, then Developer, and the last step is to select Developer Tools. Once you are in developer tools, select the Network tab.
    • In Firefox, select the Development Tools, then Web Developer and click on the Network option

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