Troubleshooting login issues

Troubleshooting issues with logging into mabl

If you are having trouble logging into mabl, use the following checklist to track down the problem:

  • Check the mabl status page to see if there is a service interruption
  • Identify where login issues are occurring: desktop app, in the web app (, or both.


SSO login

For troubleshooting issues with SSO logins, see our documentation on single sign on with SAML.

Troubleshooting from the desktop app:

  • Clear the cache: Help -> Troubleshooting -> Clear session cache/storage
  • Reset app data: Help -> Troubleshooting -> Reset all app data
  • Check your connection to mabl services: Help -> Troubleshooting -> Check connection to mabl services

Troubleshooting from the web app:

  • Check the network response: open the Network tab in developer tools and keep it open while you try logging in again:
  • In Chrome, select the View menu, then Developer, and the last step is to select Developer Tools. Once you are in developer tools, select the Network tab.
  • In Firefox, select the Development Tools, then Web Developer and click on the Network option
  • HAR captures: To capture traffic while you are trying to log in, right-click on any entry in the network tab and select "Save all as HAR"
Saving a HAR capture in Google Chrome

Saving a HAR capture in Google Chrome

  • Try the login in Incognito mode (Chrome) or from a Private window (Firefox). If login works in this way, look for extensions that may interfere with the login process
  • Try the login from a different browser. If login works in a different browser, then extensions in your main browser may be the culprit
  • Clear the browser cache and remove all cookies

Steps for further troubleshooting:

  • Find out whether anyone else on your team is having issues with logging in
  • Reach out to support using the in-app chat or by emailing [email protected]. If you do reach out to support, be sure to share the following information:
    • The last time you were able to log into mabl successfully (if ever)
    • Your login method (email/password, Google, or SSO)
    • Any insights you gathered from the previous troubleshooting steps, such as further details, screenshots, or HAR captures