Troubleshooting connectivity issues

What to do if mabl can't connect to your application during test execution

If mabl fails to connect to your application when running a test, you may need to take additional steps.

Confirm network settings

Many connectivity issues arise from the fact that the test environment is protected by a firewall that blocks inbound traffic from the Internet. Mabl test traffic originates from machines in the cloud.

To test against applications in firewalled environments using mabl, add mabl's IP addresses to an allowlist for inbound connections or use mabl Link.

Check Link Agent connectivity

If you are trying to run a plan or test using mabl Link, confirm the following settings:

Confirm the link agent is active

Go to Settings > Networking. The Link Agents section displays any active link agents.

Check the environment settings

Link agents are configured on the environment level. Take the following steps to confirm that an environment is associated with a link agent:

  1. Go to the Applications page: Configuration > Applications
  2. Click on the edit pencil next to the environment you are testing on. The Advanced section of the Edit environment page shows the current link agent settings.

You can also review the Link Agent FAQs for additional information that can help with troubleshooting.

Check with your network team

Mabl identifies itself as a "bot" when it connects to your website. Many websites and applications block bot traffic by default. If your environment is accessible from the Internet but mabl fails to connect, you may need to add mabl traffic to an allowlist for bot blockers.

If you are unsure whether your site rejects "bot" traffic, check with your networking team or a developer who is more familiar with the application.

Reach out to the mabl team

If you've tried the above and still can't determine the cause of the failure, feel free to reach out in-app or by email to the mabl team whenever you have questions! We're always happy to help.